In English

Our idea is simple

We believe in integrated brand communication in its true meaning. In order to achieve this, we have brought together more than 100 specialists in creative communications, traditional advertising, market planning, web creation & Digitial media, business strategy, design & graphic design, architecture, art direction, research, public relations and interaction under one roof.

Our strategy is simple. We help our customers in both B2B and B2C, to improve and develop their business.

Each day we aim to generate great new opportunities for companies that want to communicate more effectively with their customers. That’s the main reason why today we have a group of unique individuals, with skills in modern communications to work in a hands-on capacity with the business that comes through our doors.

Here you will find, for example: project managers, production managers, art directors, copywriters (including English writers), web creators, planners, flash developers, web developers, prepress, photo retouchers, programmers, graphic designers, 3D artists, illustrators, system architects, interaction designers, and systems and web strategists.

By combining our skills in the right way, we can see opportunities where many others see problems. We also want to offer the efficiency, simplicity and speed while remaining cost effective for our clients. A job. A brief. Whether it is a single ad, a new site or a global campaign that includes strategy, public relations, advertising, television, radio, keyword advertising and campaign sites. We would add that we are never more than needed for the project. For every customer we provide a carefully selected group including a client manager, project managers and creative professionals, and there’s always other expert hands ready to help when needed.

With creativity as the driving force, great curiosity, broad knowledge and incredible team spirit, we are on track to create what we believe is Sweden's best communications agency for effective marketing. Admittedly we are not there today but we guaranteed tomorrow will be a different story.

Now you know a bit about us and what we strive for. You’ll find most of what we deliver on these pages but should you want to see some more we are only a phone call away, and our doors are always open for a visit.