• 27/09/2016

    We’re strengthening to meet increasing demand

    We’re continuing to grow with existing and new assignments to meet the increasing demand, both in Sweden and abroad.

    Increasingly complex and integrated challenges demand great strategic skills and real creative height. To stay one step ahead, we’re always looking for new talents. We’re also expanding our collaboration with specialists so that we’re always able to take overall responsibility, and make sure out clients get the maximum benefit and impact of their investments.

    Both we and our clients see the results when we’re really creative already in the strategic work, including how we work in new ways with PR, social media and other channels.

    We have recruited nine new brilliant employees and we’re planning further reinforcements, focusing on strategic competence.

    New employees
    Linda Woxneborn, Account Manager
    Anna Feeney, Art Director
    Sara Josefsson, Film/Storytelling
    Tommy Carlsson, Planning/Strategy
    Jens Flensburg, Account Manager
    Anna Lotto, Production Manager
    Mats Johansson, Systems developer
    Alexander Skoglund, Art Director
    Sandra Bondesson, Copywriter

    Henrik Segergren


  • 26/09/2016

    All new sites for Volvo Construction Equipment launched

    Last Thursday marked the launch of the final new site for Volvo Construction Equipment. This means that since the project started in 2015, Stendahls has launched 122 sites in 32 different languages.

    Using Sitecore and our in-house developed Product Information Management, as well as Volvo Group’s design Digital One Volvo, the team at Stendahls started constructing and populating the sites in June 2015. Following months of gathering content, the first site was launched on January 25 2016.

    The sites have been launched per region, and first up was Asia, with North and South America second. Now, wherever Volvo is, there’s a site built by Stendahls. This has resulted in enormous trust from Volvo. You can read more about our collaboration in Eva Bärnheim’s post at LinkedIn.

    Number of sites: 122
    Number of languages: 32, including right-to-left
    Regions: Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America, Oceania

    The team at Stendahls

    Mikael Högberg
    Jonas Hamnered
    Andreas Engström
    Mats Johansson
    Thomas Johansson
    Axel Hermansson
    Boris Estrada
    Magnus Lindvall
    John Lundebro
    Niklas Borg
    Caroline Bryngelson
    Robin Hermansson
    Erik Toresson
    Fredrik Adlemo
    Henrik Hermansson
    Henrik Olsson

  • 14/09/2016

    Our new ad for Blomsterlandet

    Our first ad out this fall is our latest for Blomsterlandet. 

    Photographer: Jonny Lindh
    Stylist: Sabina Sung

  • 13/09/2016

    Nominated for the Swedish Design Awards

    We are very pleased about our nomination for the Swedish Design Awards and the photos produced for Volvo Trucks during Spring 2015! Photographer Magnus Pajnert and the team from Stendahls travelled around the world and met with Volvo Trucks customers, documenting their daily challenges.

    The photos have been nominated in the FOTO category and voting is open September 12 - 18. Vote here.

  • 27/06/2016

    Kids aged 5-9 wanted for commercial

    Do you know Sweden’s most charming little rascal?

    We’re looking for a charismatic kid for the starring role in a commercial. The role requires the ability to take directions, handle script and lines, as well as being comfortable in front of a camera.

    We want the kid to have a charming appeal, be fearless and social. A mischievous persona is a plus.

    The dialogue will be in Swedish, but we’re looking for kids of all backgrounds, age 5-9. Payment will be provided.

    When? Filming will take place over 2-3 days during week 34 (August).

    Contact for more information

  • 03/06/2016

    We're looking for a production manager!

    We’re looking for an skilled production manager, with a broad experience from different types of projects and channels, ranging from film/motion to event and digital and social campaigns. You’ll be working closely with a project manager and account director, running many different kinds of projects and productions for a Swedish client. You’re right at home creating time plans, budgets and following up ongoing projects with clients - and you make things happen! You will also be running your own projects.

    We’re collaborating with Inhouse in this recruiting process, and therefore ask you to submit your application with CV to

    We’d love to have you installed in August, right after the vacation period.

  • 30/05/2016

    David and Kakan challenge the myths about Gothenburg

    Today is the premiere of Typiskt Göteborg, a web TV series in four parts, where David Sundin and Kakan Hermansson challenge the idea of what is typical for Gothenburg. Every episode is based on a classic image of Gothenburg, and the duo takes it from there and experiences the city in their own way.

    The web series Typiskt Göteborg is the foundation of Göteborg & Co:s summer campaign. The series is led by comedian David Sundin and Kakan Hermansson, who barely had met before shooting the show. Now, they’re a tightly knit duo. During the course of the series, you’ll be able to follow David and Kakan as they experience the city in their own way, and challenge the image of Gothenburg. They will take on a couple of classic themes and from there, they widen the image of what the city has to offer – both the things you associate with Gothenburg, but also things easily missed by visitors. It’s an entertaining journey that stretches over four episodes, all characterized by lots of humour and warmth.

    “This is an exciting and new approach which also goes well with our digital strategy. We’ve let go of a lot of the control that you usually have in a traditional campaign, letting the hosts control the show with their personalities. It goes very well with the personality of Gothenburg, which is very open and inclusive” says Camilla Nyman, CEO at Göteborg & Co.

    The agency behind the series is Stendahls. The production company is Nexiko.

    “The challenge of marketing a destination is that there is so much to say and to show, that it’s often hard to reach the entire target group and still be on point. But with this format, we can do just that”, says Andreas Gunberg, Key Account Manager at Stendahls. “David and Kakan have been allowed to do their thing during the taping of the show, and it made the result more real in a way that is difficult to achieve in similar advertising productions. I think it will show when you watch the series”.

    This positive view of the taping of the show is confirmed by the duo:

    “Despite early mornings and late evenings, we laughed our way through it. And I think it shows that we genuinely had fun. We never wanted it to end”, says David Sundin.

    Kakan Hermansson continues:

    “I think the most fun was when we took over the fish auction and I managed to charm 80-year-old fishermen, who were really difficult to approach. Or when I forced David to ride the foulest ride at Liseberg. That had something.”

    The first episode of Typiskt Göteborg premiers today, Monday 30/5, and then another episode will be released once a week during a course of four weeks. Stendahls and Nexiko created both series and campaign at the request of Göteborg & Co, Liseberg and Universeum.

    Typiskt Göteborg can be viewed at


    For more information and questions, contact:

    Andreas Gunberg, Key Account Manager,
    0708 963 646 ,

    Stefan Gadd, Press
    Göteborg & Co
    031 - 368 40 30,

  • 19/05/2016

    Creative and copywriter

    Stendahls is now looking for an ambitious creative who’s into innovative, conceptual, big thinking.

    You’re passionate about your work, ambitious, and keen to show what we can achieve together – with the help of creativity and the latest thinking on how communication actually works. Starting out with a channel-independent approach, you can work with both digital and traditional channels, and with PR, events and much more. You know what we mean. As well as a talented creative, you must also be a skilled copywriter.

    Stendahls is thriving, and we’ve recently secured several new clients. You’ll be working with some of our largest and most exciting brands.

    Welcome to Stendahls.

    Apply at

  • 18/05/2016

    Kilowatt-hours are turned into music for Energisymfonin

    We’re now launching Energisymfonin (The Energy Symphony) – a unique piece of music based on graphs that shows the energy consumption of Gothenburg. The purpose of the campaign is to make people aware of how we use energy. Göteborg Energi and Stendahls are behind the project.

    Energisymfonin is a collaboration between Göteborg Energi, Maia Hirasawa, Klas-Henrik Hörngren (Klabbes bank) and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. In the music, we hear how the energy consumption varies throughout a year as the temperature goes up and down and half a million inhabitants of Gothenburg shower, work, cook and sleep. The insight behind the campaign came during a visit to the graph room at Sävenäs cogeneration plant.

    “I think most of use walk around carrying some sort of climate anxiety, but at the same time it can feel rather hopeless to try to make a difference. In the energy graphs, there’s a bunch of exciting data that proves that the little things we do in our everyday lives really does matter, when many are doing it at the same time. When half a million people take a morning shower for example, it shows”, says Maja Kipatsi Danell, copy at Stendahls.

    Energisymfonin is the first step in a long-term project designed to create commitment for energy issues.

    “Using music to convey a message is not unique, but Energisymfonin is more than a soundtrack to a campaign. It’s a new way of making interesting data available to the public, packaged as something that hopefully is seen as more exciting than if we just would have talked about kWh” says Andreas Gunberg, Key Account Manager at Stendahls.

    “Since we haven’t had much opportunity to work with purchased media, our focus has been on creating something interesting that people actually want to take part in, and that contributes positively to the community, which is a cornerstone in Göteborg Energi’s value-driven communication strategy”, says Andreas.

    Energisymfonin is presented in form of a music video and a short documentary about the project. On the campaign site, you can listen to the music connected to the graph, and get tips on how to easily save energy in your everyday life. Energisymfonin is also available on iTunes and Spotify. The campaign will be released in full during week 21.


  • 24/03/2016

    Jaktia won Marketing of the Year

    This weekend, Jaktia won "Årets Marknadsföring" (Marketing of the year) at Frannygalan, hosted by Svensk Franchise. The prize was awarded to Jaktia in collaboration with Jajja Media Group.

    The jury’s statement read “With width in utilization of channels, wide distribution and understanding of the value of self-produced multimedia, as well as skilful work with narrative content” as Jaktia accepted the award for “Årets Marknadsföring” at Frannygalan on the 19th of March.

    Jaktia is Sweden’s biggest retail chain when it comes to hunting and fishing equipment. Stendahls launched Jaktia’s communication strategy last year, where the knowledge among Jaktia’s staff was highlighted.

    Congratulations to Jaktia on their win!

    » Read the entire statement from the jury
    » Read more about our work with Jaktia