• 26/09/2014

    At Webbdagarna, Stendahls talked about iBeacons

    How to create stronger experiences using iBeacons and mobile apps? That was topic when our Creative Director Christer Hedberg spoke at this year's Webbdagarna (The Web Days) conference in Gothenburg.

    In the presentation (in Swedish), Christer talks about the iBeacon technology and shows examples of how Stendahls works with iBeacons to create solutions that are both engaging and relevant for the users.

    Contact Christer if you want to know more about iBeacons

  • 24/09/2014

    New Mission: Volvo Ocean Race Gothenburg 2015

    Volvo Ocean Race is the leading ocean race around the world, and one of the world's most acclaimed sport events. For the finish in Gothenburg in 2015, Stendahls has been chosen as the overall communication agency.

    During June 2015, the major race Volvo Ocean Race finishes in Gothenburg harbour. The event at the finish is more than a finish line. It's a week filled with all kind of activities, sailing competitions in the middle of the city, and most of all: a festival with visitors from around the world.

    The mission that Stendahls has been chosen for, as the overall communication agency, comprises of developing a communication concept, campaign strategy, graphic design, as well as a new website for the event. 

     – Volvo Ocean Race is a world event - where sailers and visitors are welcomed to our city and consolidates Gothenburg as one of Northern Europe's leading event cities. As the main agency for Göteborg & Co, and agency for both Volvo Cars and AB Volvo, this mission fits us perfectly. We have a unique ability to sync this project by developing and marketing both the event and Gothenburg as a world city. We will make the finish something real extra! says Peter Ohlsson, Key Account Manager at Stendahls.

    Göteborg & Co, who develop and market the destination Gothenburg, is the responsible organizer for the race finish in 2015.

  • 23/09/2014

    Sharing is caring. Why we love collaborating with students.

    We believe in the power of sharing and that the ones that share will recieve more in return. That's why we collaborate with students from a broad range of schools. We talk about what we know and believe in, and the students give us instant insights on what triggers them as the creatives of tomorrow.

    Our latest student collaboration was when Christer Hedberg did a two-day workshop on creativity and team work together with the brand new event students at YH Göteborg in Gothenburg.

  • 01/09/2014

    Our five nominations for the Swedish Design Awards

    In this year’s round of the Swedish Design Awards (Svenska Designpriset), it’s clear that we’ve received a total of five nominations in this great design competition. These nominations show how our focus on great design is visible in every type of project that we work with at the agency.

    Our nominated contributions are:


    Det är rösten som räknas /It’s the voice that counts.
    Category: Device – Smartphone

    Volvo Trucks

    The Volvo Trucks Brand Book
    Category: Information - Print


    Blomsterlandet iPad Magazine
    Category: Editorial - Magazine - Digital


    The Power Cut User Guide
    Category: Device – Tablet

    Volvo Cars

    Volvo Genuine Wipers
    Category: Film

    The winners of each category will be presented at the Modern Museum, on the second of October. Until then, starting on September 8th, the public will have the chance to vote at

    In 2013, we took home second place for the digital customer magazine My Volvo Magazine, and a nomination for the editorial customer magazine Create Action for Pelly Store Decorations. Of course, this time we’re hoping for gold!

  • 19/05/2014

    We flag for equality

    From the 28th of May, to the first of June, Gothenburg plays host to West Pride. A free-of-charge culture festival that works for an equal and including world, free from prejudice and discrimination.

    But rainbowflags are already flying all over the city. For us at Stendahls, we think's it's obvious that in this way show our commitment to an open social climate, that counteracts prejudice and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and/or -expression.

  • 16/05/2014

    A perfect day. We launch a weather-based Gothenburg app

    With the purpose to strenghten and increase the experience of a vacation in Gothenburg, we launched the digital service "A perfect day" in the middle of May - a weather-based city guide that gives tourists tips on activities and experiences - all based on the conditions of the day. If it's raining, experiences best suited for rainy days will be displayed, and if the sun's shining, you'll get customized tips for that.

    The activities in the app if primarly aimed at families with kids, but there's also tips on concerts, restaurants and other events suited for all ages.

    » Download it for free with your iPhone » Download it for free with your Android

  • 22/04/2014

    Needs first - not mobile first

    Ever since 2010, we’ve been bombarded with the expression ”Mobile First”, coined by ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Many people today are waking up from that fantasy world, but I would still say that too many consultants are wrongly programmed.

    Letting technology be the base for long-term strategic decisions and expensive ventures. Something that could put business at risk. Because if there’s something we all know, it’s that technology changes constantly. Which throws the conditions off track. Time and time again.

    The heart of any strategy and campaign must be based at heart. Whether it’s about you own company, or about clients, consumers, users, audience, receivers, creators, followers, fan, or what ever you want to call them, their needs, driving force and behaviour is the key to success. Not technology. Not the channel.

    By catering to needs and understanding driving forces, we’re able to achieve the goals of both business and consumer, or user. There is no need for any contradictions. This way we add value and exceed expectations. It’s how we build relations and sell products. And it’s not at all about technology. If we’re able to identify the needs and driving forces, we can map and understand behaviours. Because it’s something that we need to relate to in everything we do. Then the always-improving technology merely becomes an interface, an enabler. And that’s the way we should look at technology. Of course behaviours are changed through new technology, but needs and driving forces are more persistent themselves.

    For a while, the expression “Responsive Design” has been popping up here and there. It seems to be the new saviour, after Facebook. A couple of years ago, every problem could be solved via Facebook and apps. I wonder if anyone coined the expressions “Facebook First”, or “Apps First”? The problems were the same. The channel or technology was designed to solve our problems, and we started from it. Every time. And now, what’s supposed to save us is a form of design.
 I have nothing against “Responsive Design” – on the contrary. But it’s weird that it’s our starting point. We all know that man does not learn from his mistakes, and that we tend to walk into the same trap every single time.

    I would like to turn the attention to the content, the services and functions responsible for solving the client’s problems or that meets their needs. Good instincts are the foundation for successful strategies, campaigns and services. That’s how we work at Stendahls. Everything else is just different form of changeable digital distribution. And to be able to meet those needs we need to be familiar with them, we need to relate to them and we need to base what we do on it. It’s “Needs First”, not “Mobile First”. That kind of mantra makes it more likely that we do it right from the beginning, and don’t have to do it all over again. Who has the time, or the money, for “trial and error” in 2014?

    Per-Henrik Sandeskär, Digital Director at Stendahls Advertising Agency