• 19/03/2015

    Wallenstam launches a new website together with Stendahls

    Since the summer of 2014, Stendahls has been working with Wallenstam's new website. Today, we are happy to announce that the finished site has now been launched.

    The new website has been designed to work on every platform – from tablet to mobile. The content management platform has been updated to EPiServer 7,5, while almost every part of the old website, which was also built by us here at Stendahls, has been improved to deliver a superior user experience. Based on Wallenstam’s new graphic profile, the result is a bold website that places the product firmly in focus, allowing Wallenstam to confidently show and communicate their latest projects, apartments and commercial properties.

    - It should be a joyful experience to visit the new website. We have worked continuously with Wallenstam for many years, helping them support and optimize their website. So when the time came to create a new site, Wallenstam came to us. Because we know what they need and they knew that we could deliver it. says Anna-Maria Ölander. 

    The team from Stendahls consists of:

    Mattias Ludvigsson (Interaction designer)
    Christoffer Nordin (Art Director)
    Kristian Gonzales (Art Director)
    Magnus Unger (System developer)
    Alexander Darland (System developer)
    Jonas Widenberg (System developer)
    Patrik Karlsson (System developer)
    Annika Johansson-Färdigh (Production manager)
    Anna-Maria Ölander (Strategic Project Manager)

    Wallenstams new website

  • 25/02/2015

    Say hello to Sweden’s first social food truck! is a Swedish company that delivers fresh, helthy lunches from the nicest restaurants in town to the customers doors in 60 minutes. The idea is to make everyday little easier by delivering delicious lunches, whenever and wherever.

    Our challange was to reach a bigger customer base within new companies in order to get more restaurants to sign up as partners. 

    Our strategy was to create awareness by letting people get a taste of the product, literally.

    So we created Sweden’s first social food truck and went on tour!

     We invited 100 selected companys and during two weeks we delivered lunch from six different city restaurants to six different pop up locations around the city. We communicated the tour stops on Instagram and by paying with a social share (on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) people got a free lunch in exchange.

    The result was amazing. In six hours we increased the brand awareness by 800%. The campaign reach was 152197 in 14 days. The companies who signed up for the service increased by 350% in two weeks. We also spread lots of happiness, something that people gladly shared with their friends.

    And most importantly; we allowed our potential customers to experience the real value of our service: an easier life and more time to do something meaningful during their lunch break.

    The campaign is nominated in Guldnyckeln 2015. 


  • 13/02/2015

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  • 12/02/2015

    How we created the new e–commerce web site for Haglöfs

    In 2014, Stendahls began working togheter with Haglöfs to develop the company´s digital investment. Now, Haglöfs launch a new global site built entirely on a concept and design created by Stendahls.

    Haglöfs is a Swedish outdoor equipment company that specialises in providing products for people who invest in an active outdoor lifestyle. Haglöfs products are characterised by world–leading qaulity, fit and function – Outstanding Outdoor Equipment. 

    Haglöfs is one of the dominant and most innovative brands in the global outdoor market. High class distribution channels, deliveries and service are reallly important, and this is where the web plays a huge role, says Anna–Maria Ölander, Project Manager at Stendahls. 

    The new web site has been specially designed to strenghten the Haglöfs brand, inspire the intended target group and increase product sales. 

    The client wanted to create a global and uniform concept for their new web site that would work in all markets. This was something we were confident of delivering thanks to the experience and competence we have gained from helping other clients successfully overcome similar challenges. By listening to well prepared target group analysis and focusing on the user experience, we can now confidently launch a concept and design that contains a strategic balance between inspiring content and product.

    Visit the new Haglöfs site

  • 28/01/2015

    Mikael – once again one of the world's best technical developers

    For the third year running, Mikael Högberg, CTO at Stendahls, has been appointed MVP (Most Valuable Professional) at Sitecore’s Technology MVP Award.

    The Technology MVP Award is handed out every year to a small group, consisiting of the top 0.35% in the Sitecore developers of the world, that strongly promotes change and innovation in how technology operates person and customer interactions on a global scale. The recipients of the award have also contributed much to Sitecore and made an impact to its community.

    For almost 20 years, Mikael has worked with developing medium and large internet applications. Today, he is primarily a developer in Microsoft.NET. His focus is on creating reliable, scalable, secure and high-performance web solutions. Since accepting the award in 2013 and 2014, Mikael has been a speaker at several Sitecore meetings, participated in workshops with Sitecore's own developers and contributed with a lot of improvements to the product.

    Stendahls creates world class websites and e-commerce platforms in several different languages using the Sitecore platform.


    For questions and more info, please contact: Mikael Högberg, Chief Technology Officer/partner, 070-625 62 02,

  • 27/01/2015

    Our e-commerce site for Runelandhs is nominated as Swedens best e–commerce

    Four years ago, we created and launched a new e–commerce site for Runelandhs. Today it has been nominated for the Web Service Awards as one of the best e-commerce websites in Sweden. 

    "This nomination is a fine proof that the structured approach – where we continuously work to optimize the site – has yielded results", says Anna–Maria Ölander, Account Manager at Stendahls.

    » Read the interview where Fredric Johansson, e–commerce manager at Runelandhs, talk about the site
    » Learn more about the Web Service Awards


  • 22/01/2015

    The new – a thousand ways to experience Gothenburg

    After a summer with record numbers for tourism in Gothenburg, the new is being launched, containing over a thousand experiences packaged in a easily navigated and inspirational site with great opportunities for the future. is the result of a close cooperation between Stendahls and the client Göteborg & Co. The new website is nominated in Grand Travel Awards.

    The purpose with the new is to get more people to experience Gothenburg and make the range of the city available for all, no matter who you are or where you are.

    – In the first version of the website, we focused on gathering the gigantic amount of material that already existed on the old website, and to make that available, easy to navigate and inspiring, says Fredrik Adlemo, project manager at Stendahls.

    He continues:
    – The new website is available for all devices. It’s easy to search and filter different types of activities, lodging, restaurants and shopping. With each search, you will get tips on related content, together with big inspiring images that provides a living feeling an a nice taste of what this city has to offer.

    The work with the new website has been a close collaboration between client and agency, where collaborative meetings have replaced the more traditional ones. This has resulted in a successful result, but also in big plans for the future.

    – New will be developed as time goes with new functions, since future solutions and innovative services are built into the technology that is already there. The next step is, for example, to make the site adapted for the individual, work with place control and let the people of Gothenburg and tourist create the content through social feeds. We see exciting opportunities for new innovative services and to connect the digital experience with the physical in different ways, says Fredrik Adlemo. has been nominated for the Grand Travel Awards.
    Grand Travel Award

  • 05/12/2014

    Welcome back Demidekk!

    The classic and high-tech Jotun paint brand Demidekk have chosen Stendahls as their new communication partner.

    This mission means a strategic overall brand and concept work for the Swedish market. ”We’re very happy that Jotun is back at Stendahls. Now we have a chance to create a concept that we can work with long-term”, says Andreas Gunberg, strategic project manager at Stendahls.

    The classic, high-tech colour brand Demidekk from Jotun has been on the market since 1972. It is based on a unique AMA technology that provides superior color stability and long maintenance intervals. Now, Demidekk and Jotun Sverige AB want to strenghten their position on the Swedish market. For this mission, they’ve chosen Stendahls as the new overall agency.

    "Competition is fierce in this product segment and the different arguments are becoming more and more alike. We will design an experience concept, to demonstrate the value that will distinguish itself greatly to how its competitors communicate on the market. By working independent from channels, value building and adding digital technology, both virtually and physically, we want to work to produce a total brand experience. We will reveal more information in the future.”, says Andreas Gundberg at Stendahls.

    The first campaign for Demidekk will be launched during spring of 2015.
    ”We look forward to further strenghten Demidekk as a brand together with Stendahls”, says Helena Wassenius, Marketing Manager, Jotun Sverige AB

    The Stendahls team

    Andreas Gunberg, Account Manager and Strategic Project Manager
    Ann-Sophie Claesson, Project Manager
    Ylva Nestmark, Creative Director
    Oscar Plasidius, Art Director
    Maja Kipatsi Danell, Copywriter
    Annie Gustavsson, PR

  • 21/11/2014

    Gold Winners ”Best Mass Media Campaign” Spinn Awards 2014

    Proud Gold winner in the "”Best Mass Media Campaign” with the campaign ”It's the voice that counts” for Gothenburg Lucia in 2013 in the prestigious PR contest Spinn Awards 2014.

    Jury statement 

    This year's mass media campaign succeeds to radically alter the conditions and move the focus from traditional visually deeper audio quality. Never mind the surface, it's the voice that counts.

    Read article 
    Read more about the campaign

  • 19/11/2014

    Collectively creating our shared vision

    100 people, thousands of post-it's and a film studio

     Stendahls is an agency in constant transformation. Since our start in 1954, we have used our curiosity as the driving force in an ever changing society and technology landscape, from the desktop publishing revolution in the 1980’s, the internet age, the mobile revolution and the digitalization of business, constantly transforming the way we create effective marketing.

    When we in October 2014 looked ahead to Stendahls' next 60 years, we did it by collectively creating our shared vision. During two active days, all 100 people of Stendahls created a shared vision that will guide our strategy and inspire innovation at every level.

    Rather than a destination, our shared vision is an ongoing conversation throughout Stendahls around vision, purpose, values and how we make a difference in the world around us.

    The result:

    Foto: Daniel K Johansson och Jens Lorensson