• 23/11/2015

    Launch – film for Julstaden Göteborg

    In the beginning of November, when the city of Gothenburg had started prepping for Christmas, we took the opportunity to make a film where we let artist Danny Saucedo give some unexpected visitors an extra warm welcome to the city. This film is the first part of the Christmas campaign that we’ve created together with Göteborg & Co.


  • 10/11/2015

    Gold at Svenska Publishingpriset 2015

    Yesterday, we won gold at Svenska Publishingpriset (the Swedish Publishing Awards) 2015 in the category Public Sector – Digital.

    What got us the prize was the website, created by Stendahls together with Göteborg & Co.

    The jury’s statement read: “For a website that’s easy to read, with a good search function, solid films and a neat presentation.”

  • 03/11/2015

    Release: Fulfiltret - the app against cyber bullying

    Every day, kids and young people are being bullied via mobile phones, tablets and computers. With insults that hurt and, in the worst cases, lead to alienation and psychological distress.

    Meet Fulfiltret (The Nasty Filter), an app that uses the keyboard to filter out nasty and mean Swedish words and replace them with kind words. Swear words, name-calling and taunts are turned into compliments, kindness and happiness. The second a mean message is created, a nice one is sent instead.

    The creators of the app are Länsförsäkringar Göteborg och Bohuslän, a Swedish insurance company, who want to get more people to think before they act, changing the increasingly cold climate online where threats and abuse are sent without a thought. Where hurtful comments and messages affect many kids every day and lead to psychological suffering and a feeling of exclusion.

    The app is free to download from AppStore and GooglePlay. So being nice won’t cost a thing!



    Other parts of this campaign include interactive billboards, print, web, digital PR and film. During the campaign period, there are also workshops at schools where students can discuss the subject and come up with tips of their own on how to make society a bit warmer. Everything about the campaign plus tips on how to contribute to a nicer society will be gathered at


  • 01/09/2015

    Our five nominations for the Swedish Design Awards 2015

    We are very proud to announce that we have been nominated for five awards in the prestigious design competition, Swedish Design Awards 2015 (Svenska Designpriset)

    Our work has been nominated in the following categories:

    Category Device/iPad and Editorial Digital
    My Volvo Magazine Ipad

    Category Magazine/Print
    My Volvo Magazine

    Category Information/digital:

    Category Identity/digital:


    We can count on your vote, right? 

  • 09/06/2015

    "It starts here" – new communication concept for Stena Recycling

    Sweden’s leading recycling company, Stena Recycling, are launching the communication concept “It starts here”. It consists of a series of unique partnerships and value creating communication that is meant to make more people understand the importance of smart recycling for a sustainable society. – In an industry that’s pretty traditional, where the focus largely has been on waste management itself, we want to put Stena Recycling in a greater context. So we’re shining a light on partnerships and projects that show how we can create utility in society, instead of just talking about in bought channels, says Marie Wümer, project manager at Stendahls.

    During the summer and autumn of 2015, the first part of the communication concept “It starts here”, will be launched. As a part of this concept, a series of unique partnerships and projects will be revealed throughout the year. The purpose is to get more people to understand the value of smart recycling on the road towards a more sustainable society, but also that responsible resource management is a great deal for both the client and environment.

    - When you hear about pollution and environmental impact, it’s easy to feel a bit down. But Stena wants to bring hope, and show that recycling starts today. We may not know today how to recycle a product, but Stena continues to research and find new solutions.

    A cooperation that really matches the new concept, and that’s already started, is Stena Nordic Recycling Center in Halmstad. The most modern recycling plant in the Nordic countries, developed by Stena together with car manufacturers, car dismantlers and authorities. By creating new technology together with those who use it, it’s for example possible for more components to be recycled and turned into new value.

    This autumn, the first larger ad for the concept will be revealed. Behind the communication concept and strategic brand work is Stendahls, main agency for Stena Recycling.

  • 13/05/2015

    Gothenburg profiles share their view of the city

    For five weeks this summer, five people from Gothenburg will share their personal view of the city. The concept is called #sommarguiden, and the guides who will share their tips on the Instagram account @goteborgcom are Marcus Samuelsson, Kitty Jutbring, Anton Hysén, Emma Green and Hannah Graaf. Behind the campaign are Göteborg & Co, Liseberg, Turistrådet Västsverige, Universeum and VisitSweden, together with Stendahls.

    Top chef Marcus Samuelsson, football player Anton Hysén, radio profile Kitty Jutbring, star athlete Emma Green and blogger Hannah Graaf all have some kind of a connection to the city of Gothenburg. Some of them live here, others have moved to other parts of the world. What they all have in common is that they love Gothenburg. For one week each this summer, they will share their personal tips on how to get the best out of the city and region, by taking charge of the destination’s Instagram account @goteborgcom. Followers will get tips on gastronomic experiences, the best places to go jogging, attractions and those favourite spots that may be unheard of, both within and outside the city. The first one to take over the account during week 23 will be Kitty Jutbring. She’ll bring you tips on how to best experience the city as a parent of young kids – and where all the best vegan spots are located.

    - Personal tips that feel authentic and unique are playing a greater role in decision-making, even in the field of tourism. You don’t want to feel like a tourist, but experience the city in the same way as the locals do. The idea behind #sommarguiden is to present a more real and genuine image of Gothenburg, and to convey that through famous people who all have a special place for Gothenburg in their hearts”, says Maja Kipatsi Danell, copy at Stendahls.

    The idea behind letting people from the city take over the Instagram account is also a step towards a more open and inclusive relationship with the target group.

    - It’s a big deal that Göteborg & Co are letting go and inviting the people of Gothenburg and the visitors to their channels, both as senders and receivers of the particular message. The floor is open, and hopefully a dialogue will be created between our guides and the target group”, says Maja Kipatsi Danell.

    The purpose of the campaign is to increase the number of visitors and strengthen the attractiveness of Gothenburg and the surrounding region during the vacation season. The campaign, aimed at Sweden and Norway, will be fully launched during week 23 and has a digital focus with a campaign site, film, banners, social media and digital PR.

    On the campaign site, every tip from the five summer guides will be summed up, but there will also be editorial tips that show the wide selection of Gothenburg. From the most beautiful places to go swimming, entertainment, the best playgrounds, to hip bars and concerts.

    For more info and questions, contact Andreas Gunberg, Key Account Manager at Stendahls
    0708 96 36 46,

    Campaign site
    Hashtagg: #sommarguiden

    There’s a whole lot going on in Gothenburg this summer. From huge concert experiences and sporting events, to art shows and gastronomic experiences. For the first time, Volvo Ocean Race will have its finish line in the heart of Gothenburg. After nine months of sailing around the world, the sailors will be welcomed with a massive part that’ll last for a week. Other parties and festivals taking place are Göteborgs Kulturkalas, Andra Långdagen and Way Out West. Speaking of music, the city will play host to several concerts by artists such as Måns Zelmerlöw, Foo Fighters, Roxette and Metallica. And as usual, Liseberg are launching a new attraction. This year it’s Mechanica that with great force and high speed spins you 360 degrees, 30 meters up in the air. For those who appreciate a bit more peaceful activities there are many art exhibits taking place, like the acclaimed “Walk of Life”, which can be visited at Trädgårdsföreningen and Götaplatsen, right in the middle of Gothenburg.

    #sommarguiden helps you find the most genuine Gothenburg and west coast experience, and guides you through all summer activities.


  • 24/04/2015

    Wallenstam wins Best IR Website

    In March 2015, Stendahls delivered, which gave the company’s website a whole new look and feel.

    Wallenstam have now been awarded Best IR Website 2014 amongst companies noted on the Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap list. Wallenstam scored the highest number of points of all 146 companies that were reviewed, with 26 points out of 33. The jury based their decision on the new website’s content and design.

    Read the press release (Swedish)

    Visit Wallenstam’s IR web here


  • 14/04/2015

    Launch: This is Gothenburg

    By the young people of the city

    What happens when you let some youngsters from Gothenburg film their own side of the city? Today, we pre-launch the project ”This is Gothenburg”. A project we’ve been working on together with Göteborg & Co, where young people from Gothenburg were free to make a film based on their view of their hometown. The result is ten short films that show the city of Gothenburg from the perspective of the filmmakers. On the project site, you’ll find all ten films plus exclusive city guides written by each of the filmmakers, which shows their favourite spots in Gothenburg. 

  • 09/04/2015

    We welcome Göteborg Energi

    The leading energy company in Western Sweden, Göteborg Energi, has chosen Stendahls as their new strategic and creative agency.

    – We’ve had a really positive season, with both existing and new clients. Working with Göteborg & Co on different projects has given us a deeper knowledge of the city of Gothenburg. We’ve developed a strategic way of thinking when it comes to contributing to sustainable community development through new, innovative technology and communication that creates value. This experience leads to exciting effects in our work with Göteborg Energi, creating greater benefits for both the people of Gothenburg, tourists and other people who may be interested in the city, says Andreas Gunberg, project manager at Stendahls.

    The second half of 2014 has meant new clients and recruitments for Stendahls. It is now official that the agency has gotten a new client on the list when it comes to Göteborg Energi. The communicative work will start immediately.

    As an energy company owned by the people of Gothenburg, sustainable development is a key part of their work. Our mission is not primarily to create new campaigns through bought media, but to create a communication strategy and a communication concept. We bring forward benefits and values of existing products, services and projects through innovative research and development, where Göteborg Energi is at the forefront, while also making these values more accessible to the people of Gothenburg, says Andreas Gunberg and Peter Johansson, Key Account Manager at Stendahls.

    At Stendahls, we are working with some of Gothenburg’s biggest companies, and over the years, we have clearly seen the effects of our communicative work.

    – We have a good idea of the values that need to be added to generate well-being and quality of life for the city’s residents, but we are also aware of the importance of technology when it comes to creating inspiring, sustainable cities that are worth visiting. There’s a great amount of things happening in the city at the moment, and with everything that we have planned, Gothenburg will become one of the world’s most exciting cities to live in. It is incredibly inspiring to be part of this development, says Andreas.