• 19/05/2016

    Creative and copywriter

    Stendahls is now looking for an ambitious creative who’s into innovative, conceptual, big thinking.

    You’re passionate about your work, ambitious, and keen to show what we can achieve together – with the help of creativity and the latest thinking on how communication actually works. Starting out with a channel-independent approach, you can work with both digital and traditional channels, and with PR, events and much more. You know what we mean. As well as a talented creative, you must also be a skilled copywriter.

    Stendahls is thriving, and we’ve recently secured several new clients. You’ll be working with some of our largest and most exciting brands.

    Welcome to Stendahls.

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  • 18/05/2016

    Kilowatt-hours are turned into music for Energisymfonin

    We’re now launching Energisymfonin (The Energy Symphony) – a unique piece of music based on graphs that shows the energy consumption of Gothenburg. The purpose of the campaign is to make people aware of how we use energy. Göteborg Energi and Stendahls are behind the project.

    Energisymfonin is a collaboration between Göteborg Energi, Maia Hirasawa, Klas-Henrik Hörngren (Klabbes bank) and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. In the music, we hear how the energy consumption varies throughout a year as the temperature goes up and down and half a million inhabitants of Gothenburg shower, work, cook and sleep. The insight behind the campaign came during a visit to the graph room at Sävenäs cogeneration plant.

    “I think most of use walk around carrying some sort of climate anxiety, but at the same time it can feel rather hopeless to try to make a difference. In the energy graphs, there’s a bunch of exciting data that proves that the little things we do in our everyday lives really does matter, when many are doing it at the same time. When half a million people take a morning shower for example, it shows”, says Maja Kipatsi Danell, copy at Stendahls.

    Energisymfonin is the first step in a long-term project designed to create commitment for energy issues.

    “Using music to convey a message is not unique, but Energisymfonin is more than a soundtrack to a campaign. It’s a new way of making interesting data available to the public, packaged as something that hopefully is seen as more exciting than if we just would have talked about kWh” says Andreas Gunberg, Key Account Manager at Stendahls.

    “Since we haven’t had much opportunity to work with purchased media, our focus has been on creating something interesting that people actually want to take part in, and that contributes positively to the community, which is a cornerstone in Göteborg Energi’s value-driven communication strategy”, says Andreas.

    Energisymfonin is presented in form of a music video and a short documentary about the project. On the campaign site, you can listen to the music connected to the graph, and get tips on how to easily save energy in your everyday life. Energisymfonin is also available on iTunes and Spotify. The campaign will be released in full during week 21.


  • 24/03/2016

    Jaktia won Marketing of the Year

    This weekend, Jaktia won "Årets Marknadsföring" (Marketing of the year) at Frannygalan, hosted by Svensk Franchise. The prize was awarded to Jaktia in collaboration with Jajja Media Group.

    The jury’s statement read “With width in utilization of channels, wide distribution and understanding of the value of self-produced multimedia, as well as skilful work with narrative content” as Jaktia accepted the award for “Årets Marknadsföring” at Frannygalan on the 19th of March.

    Jaktia is Sweden’s biggest retail chain when it comes to hunting and fishing equipment. Stendahls launched Jaktia’s communication strategy last year, where the knowledge among Jaktia’s staff was highlighted.

    Congratulations to Jaktia on their win!

    » Read the entire statement from the jury
    » Read more about our work with Jaktia

  • 22/03/2016

    We are hiring!

    We’re growing and are now looking for talented people to fill the following roles:

    - Interaction Designer / UX specialist
    - Editor/writer
    - Art Director
    - Graphic Designer
    - Account Manager / Strategic project manager
    - .NET Developer, backend or full-stack
    - Java Developer, backend or full-stack

    Is that you? Send us an e-mail!

  • 17/03/2016

    We won gold!

    This Tuesday, we took home gold in the category Finance & Insurance at Guldnyckeln. We won the award for The Nasty Filter, which was launched last year.

    The Nasty Filter was created for Länsförsäkringar Göteborg och Bohuslän, and works as a reminder to use kinder language in digital channels. The Nasty Filter is the world's first app against cyber bullying - it autocorrects nasty words, turning them into nice ones.

    » Read more about The Nasty Filter...
    » Read the jury's motivation...


  • 01/03/2016

    Meet our newest additions

    Over the past six months, we’ve recruited a whole bunch of new people to the Stendahls family, and we’re very happy to have them all with us. Meet ten of our newest recruits:

    Cathrine Karlsson is our new CFO, who before Stendahls worked at Nine Yards as CFO/Business Controller.

    Karolina Fallgren and Erica Wallin are two of our new project managers. Karolina worked as production manager at CP+B Göteborg for two and half years before joining Stendahls in February 2016. Erica has worked for a number of consultancy firms, and previously worked at Ottoboni as project manager and account manager.

    Chris McHenry is one of our copywriters. His background is in film and television, and he’s experienced in B2B work.

    Our newest Art Director is Mats Tellving. Before Stendahls he worked at DDB.

    A new addition to our film team is Linda Engström, film production manager. She has previously worked at smaller ad agencies where she’s been in charge of production containing film, web, apps, print, campaign ads etc.

    Erik Toresson is our content manager. He has previously worked at R/GA where he was a part of launching the new

    We’ve also recruited several systems developers. Boris Estrada who’s a specialist consultant in web development with 15 years experience. Tobias Höglund who before joining Stendahls worked at CGI, developing a financial system for service-providing companies/public authorities, Tolgay Pek who worked for many years in the consulting industry. He’s worked with everything from production systems, to Web2Print and e-commerce websites. Andy McPherson, who we welcomed last summer, and who has previously worked on developing a 3D surgical planning system. And Markus Ullmark who previously worked at R/GA.

    Pictured from left to right, top row: Boris Estrada, Karolina Fallgren, Cathrine Karlsson, Tolgay Pek.
    Pictured from left to right, bottom row: Mats Tellving, Tobias Höglund, Andy McPherson, Linda Engström, Erica Wallin, Erik Toresson.

  • 29/02/2016

    Film: Amanda Bergman - Composed by Nature

    We were curious of Amanda Bergman and decided to meet up with her at Furillen, Gotland. During a couple of intensive days, we got some insight into the life of a talented musician, and the pleasure of experiencing some of Amanda’s favourite places, in a Volvo XC60.

    Everything has been documented on film, and as photographs and in an editorial piece. And as a song – listen to Amanda’s song “Falcons”, used exclusively for our documented meeting on film. The story has been published in the upcoming summer edition of My Volvo Magazine, and the film can be found on

  • 25/02/2016

    Two nominations for Fulfiltret

    The app Fulfiltret (The Nasty Filter), created by Stendahls together with Länsförsäkringar Göteborg och Bohuslän, has just been nominated in two categories in the competition Guldnyckeln.

    Fulfiltret has been nominated in the categories “E-commerce and E-services” and “Finance and Insurance”. The winners in each category will be annouced on March 15th.

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  • 22/02/2016

    Mikael Högberg – awarded Sitecore Technology MVP

    For the fourth year running, Mikael Högberg, CTO at Stendahls, has been named a Sitecore Technology MVP (Most Valuable Professional). Mikael is one of only 177 people worldwide to be named a Technology MVP this year.

    The Sitecore Technology MVP Award is handed out every year to a small group that strongly promote change and innovation in how technology operates person and customer interactions on a global scale. The award is also handed out based on involvement in the Sitecore community, both online and offline.

    For almost 20 years, Mikael has worked with developing medium and large Internet applications. Today, he is primarily a developer in Microsoft.NET. His focus is on creating reliable, scalable, secure and high-performance web solutions. Mikael has been a speaker at several Sitecore meetings, participated in workshops with Sitecore’s own developers and contributed with a lot of improvements to the product.

    Stendahls creates world-class websites and e-commerce platforms in several different languages using the Sitecore platform.