Following the initial launch of the pilot site in January, Stendahls have launched 122 websites throughout the year for client Volvo Construction Equipment. The sites feature reworked content and a new layout based on a common design for all Volvo branded companies; meeting the client’s demand for localised content, while keeping the design globally unified across markets.

Volvo Construction Equipment is among the world’s leading manufacturers of articulated haulers and wheel loaders, and one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of excavation equipment, road development machines and compact construction equipment. Volvo Construction Equipment reached out to Stendahls who offered to deliver a complete digital solution that meets todays’ modern and mobile requirements, as well as the client’s demands for efficiency and performance.

Now all 122 sites have been launched, and Stendahls have helped the client secure their global online presence for future demands. The team at Stendahls has been responsible for delivering everything from the back-end development of building the platform, hosting the finished sites, to handling roll-out, ongoing maintenance and support. Using Sitecore along with our in-house built Product Information Management System, as well as working in a small agile team in close collaboration with the client, we managed to keep the ambitious time plan.
The new websites have a clean design and a better user experience for the visitors, and the delivered customised platform offers a much improved workflow in terms of web content management. Stendahls were also responsible for face-to-face training of local editors, traveling to client offices in Europe, Asia and South America.

Stendahls started development in June 2015. Following months of gathering and populating content, the first site was launched on January 25 2016. In September 2016, all of the 122 websites had been launched.

What we’ve done:
Platform architecture
Back-end development and integration
Extension and adaptation of Sitecore platform to enhance editor experience
Hosting architecture, setup, monitoring and operation
Performance optimisation
Market adaptation and global roll-out
Managing the proofing and roll-out process
Onsite training of local editors
2nd and 3rd line support
Ongoing content management

The team

Front row (from left to right): Fredrik Adlemo – Account Manager. Erik Toresson – Content Manager. Thomas Johansson – Systems Developer. Niklas Borg – Rollout Manager. Henrik Hermansson – Project Manager. Axel Hermansson – Systems Developer. Mats Johansson Systems Developer.

Second row: Robin Hermansson – Support/Content Manager. Josef Brinck Davidsson – Art Director. Caroline Bryngelson – Assisting Project Manager. Jonas Hamnered – Systems Developer. John Lundebro – Systems Developer.

All the way in the back: Mikael Högberg – Solutions Architect.

Looming in the shadows: Staffan Danielsson – Copywriter.

Not in the picture: Joakim Lindblom – Assisting Art Director. Boris Estrada – Systems Developer. Per-Henrik Sandeskär – Digital Director/Strategist. Marie Berggren – Interaction Designer. Henrik Olsson – Key Account Manager. Andreas Engström – Systems Developer. Magnus Lindvall – Systems Developer. Christer Hedberg – Workshop facilitator.