• 25/11/2016

    Film for Julstaden Göteborg

    Christmas is finally around the corner! Time to decorate, clean the house, shop for the perfect tree, wrap presents, make toffee, untangle the Christmas lights, break out the Christmas sweater and so on… Or you could just skip all that, travel to Gothenburg and take it easy instead.

    Most people can relate to feeling stressed around Christmas. And this insight is what became our film idea. The campaign is based on every “must”, and offers a calmer option during the Christmas season – Gothenburg.

    The film is part of the Christmas campaign we’ve produced together with Göteborg & Co and Liseberg.

  • 28/10/2016

    Film for Stadsbiblioteket Göteborg

    In spring 2016, Stendahls got the task of helping Stadsbiblioteket Gothenburg, one of the city’s public libraries, with letting parents know how important it is to read aloud to their children. The task included developing a communicative idea and script, and then produce a film.

    Research shows that it has a great effect on children’s vocabulary and ability to do well in school if a guardian reads aloud to them when they’re three to six years old. The effects are also clear many years later, for example how well they do in high school.

    The film is part of a larger effort called “Göteborg – staden där vi laser för våra barn” (Gothenburg – the city where we read to our kids), and refers to a socially sustainable and equal Gothenburg.

    In the film, we meet Amy, six years old. In a fun and playful way, she inspires parents with small children, ages three to six, to real aloud to their kids and focuses on why it’s important to read together.

  • 20/10/2016

    Stendahls in global launch of new car brand – agency for new LYNK & CO

    As strategic and creative global agency Stendahls is helping to launch the new car brand LYNK & CO. “There is nothing conventional about this car brand. Even the name, LYNK & CO, signals something else – a brand that is built on cooperation, connectivity and community. So you can say that the name LYNK & CO is the starting point for how we define and communicate this new, innovative brand and its unique offering. It’s going to be great to finally launch,” says Peter Johansson, Client Director at Stendahls.

    In spring 2016 Stendahls was chosen for the global launch of Geely-owned LYNK & CO, a new car brand that is being launched globally at the launch event in Berlin today. This new-thinking brand wants to reshape the entire automotive industry with a new business model and with cars and services created for the new, open and connected world we live in today. In close collaboration with the client, Stendahls developed the identity of the new brand within months, while at the same time building up a dedicated team of about twenty people at the agency.

    Stendahls took the lead in research, planning and strategy in close cooperation with the client’s team, led by Alain Visser and his vision of change, based on insights and experiences from the industry. The agency developed the brand identity, visual expression, direction for photo and film, and worked with the press- and launch events, digital services and concept development of the share-functionality, which is an important part of the PR message.

    “There’s a lot of room for change and conventions to challenge in the automotive industry. The world has evolved, but in many ways the industry has remained the same. Our challenge has been to find a way to not only bring a new product to the automotive world, but to create a challenger with the goal of turning the industry upside down. Questioning how we use cars and move in the cities, at a time of rapid urbanization. It requires a change not only in infrastructure and the products and services we create, but above all a change in people’s mindset – to influence people’s behavior and create an openness to, for example, sharing a car, just as we share experiences and apartments today. It is also part of the brand’s DNA to initiate new collaborations through CO:labs, which will be a part of the brand’s way of working. LYNK & CO’s open connectivity platform makes it possible to develop new digital services like we have done, for example, with the built-in share button that enables a more resource-smart way to own and use cars,” says Ylva Nestmark, Creative Director at Stendahls.

    LYNK & CO is focusing more on the overall experience and the society we live in, than just on the product itself. The offer is about a simpler and more limitless mobility, whether it is by car or something else ahead. Adapted for the sharing economy, where people expect access to everything at the touch of a button.

    The LYNK & CO share-button. Concept development Stendahls, film by Stendahls Film Studios.

    Brand film: Concept: Stendahls, production Adamsky and director Fredrik Etoall

    Stendahls has chosen to work with Mr Smith, Jung Relations, Adamsky and Revolve. Dentsu in Shanghai handles the communication in China.

    Peter Johansson, Client Director & Partner, Stendahls
    +46 (0) 708 24 15 32

    Stendahls team
    Creative Director: Ylva Nestmark
    Creatives: Anna Feeney, Henrik Gustavsson, Staffan Danielsson, Kristian Gonzalez, Jenny Strandberg, Zeynep Sahin, Mikael Andersson
    Designer: Samuel Forsström
    Art Assistant: Agneta Fromell
    Planner: Åsa Källström
    Project Manager: Linda Woxneborn
    Event Project Manager: Jonas Larsson
    Digital Strategy: Henrik Olsson
    UX Strategy & Conceptual Design: Andreas Folkestad
    Mobile Development: Thomas Sempf, Rodrigo Vives
    Production Manager: Lina Rundgren
    Solution Architect: Mikael Högberg
    Infrastructure: Magnus Lindvall
    Film: Linda Engström, Carl Johan Engberg & Jens Lorensson
    Workshop facilitator: Christer Hedberg
    Client Director: Peter Johansson

    LYNK & CO
    Senior Vice President: Alain Visser
    Marketing Director: Linda Hugestrand
    Chief Digital Officer: David Green
    Senior Manager, Brand Strategy & Marketing: Andreas Kåreby
    Product PR Executive: Ola Norberg
    Project Manager launch event: Martin Klövmark

  • 19/10/2016

    Zombie invasion prank for Liseberg

    This Friday is the premier of Halloween at Liseberg. To get some PR for the Halloween season and the amusement park’s haunted house (with focus on this year’s newest addition – Zombie), we performed a zombie prank together with influencer Jockiboi. We released four zombies from Liseberg into his home and scared his girlfriend Jonna.

    Both Jockiboi and Jonna are YouTubers with fan bases that are the exact target audience that Liseberg wants to reach out to: kids and young people.

    24 hours after the clip was published on YouTube, the number of views were up to 280 000. Through the channels YouTube and Instagram, we managed to reach out to over a million kids, something that would have been expensive in bought media.

    Watch what happened above. Both Jockiboi and Jonna also posted about the zombie prank on Instagram. 

    Are you interested in talking about influencers and how you can use them for your brand? Contact Annie Lundgren

  • 27/09/2016

    We’re strengthening to meet increasing demand

    We’re continuing to grow with existing and new assignments to meet the increasing demand, both in Sweden and abroad.

    Increasingly complex and integrated challenges demand great strategic skills and real creative height. To stay one step ahead, we’re always looking for new talents. We’re also expanding our collaboration with specialists so that we’re always able to take overall responsibility, and make sure out clients get the maximum benefit and impact of their investments.

    Both we and our clients see the results when we’re really creative already in the strategic work, including how we work in new ways with PR, social media and other channels.

    We have recruited nine new brilliant employees and we’re planning further reinforcements, focusing on strategic competence.

    New employees
    Linda Woxneborn, Account Manager
    Anna Feeney, Art Director
    Sara Josefsson, Film/Storytelling
    Tommy Carlsson, Planning/Strategy
    Jens Flensburg, Account Manager
    Anna Lotto, Production Manager
    Mats Johansson, Systems developer
    Alexander Skoglund, Art Director
    Sandra Bondesson, Copywriter

    Henrik Segergren


  • 26/09/2016

    All new sites for Volvo Construction Equipment launched

    Last Thursday marked the launch of the final new site for Volvo Construction Equipment. This means that since the project started in 2015, Stendahls has launched 122 sites in 32 different languages.

    Using Sitecore and our in-house developed Product Information Management, as well as Volvo Group’s design Digital One Volvo, the team at Stendahls started constructing and populating the sites in June 2015. Following months of gathering content, the first site was launched on January 25 2016.

    The sites have been launched per region, and first up was Asia, with North and South America second. Now, wherever Volvo is, there’s a site built by Stendahls. This has resulted in enormous trust from Volvo.

    "Stendahls were appointed to deliver everything from platform build and hosting to the finished master site, roll-out and ongoing maintenance. The result is an accessible and high-performing distributed web platform with PIM integration and translation management – a platform that balances the need for global efficiency with the requirements for local adaptations, additions and campaign management", says Eva Bärnheim, Global Project Manager Digital Marketing at Volvo Construction Equipment, in her post at LinkedIn

    Number of sites: 122
    Number of languages: 32, including right-to-left
    Regions: Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America, Oceania

    The team at Stendahls

    Mikael Högberg
    Jonas Hamnered
    Andreas Engström
    Mats Johansson
    Thomas Johansson
    Axel Hermansson
    Boris Estrada
    Magnus Lindvall
    John Lundebro
    Niklas Borg
    Caroline Bryngelson
    Robin Hermansson
    Erik Toresson
    Fredrik Adlemo
    Henrik Hermansson
    Henrik Olsson

  • 14/09/2016

    Our new ad for Blomsterlandet

    Our first ad out this fall is our latest for Blomsterlandet. 

    Photographer: Jonny Lindh
    Stylist: Sabina Sung

  • 13/09/2016

    Nominated for the Swedish Design Awards

    We are very pleased about our nomination for the Swedish Design Awards and the photos produced for Volvo Trucks during Spring 2015! Photographer Magnus Pajnert and the team from Stendahls travelled around the world and met with Volvo Trucks customers, documenting their daily challenges.

    The photos have been nominated in the FOTO category and voting is open September 12 - 18. Vote here.

  • 27/06/2016

    Kids aged 5-9 wanted for commercial

    Do you know Sweden’s most charming little rascal?

    We’re looking for a charismatic kid for the starring role in a commercial. The role requires the ability to take directions, handle script and lines, as well as being comfortable in front of a camera.

    We want the kid to have a charming appeal, be fearless and social. A mischievous persona is a plus.

    The dialogue will be in Swedish, but we’re looking for kids of all backgrounds, age 5-9. Payment will be provided.

    When? Filming will take place over 2-3 days during week 34 (August).

    Contact for more information

  • 03/06/2016

    We're looking for a production manager!

    We’re looking for an skilled production manager, with a broad experience from different types of projects and channels, ranging from film/motion to event and digital and social campaigns. You’ll be working closely with a project manager and account director, running many different kinds of projects and productions for a Swedish client. You’re right at home creating time plans, budgets and following up ongoing projects with clients - and you make things happen! You will also be running your own projects.

    We’re collaborating with Inhouse in this recruiting process, and therefore ask you to submit your application with CV to

    We’d love to have you installed in August, right after the vacation period.