Launch of a new car brand in a world that doesn't need yet another car

As strategic and creative global agency Stendahls launched the new car brand LYNK & CO. “There is nothing conventional about this car brand. Even the name, LYNK & CO, signals something else – a brand that is built on cooperation, connectivity and community. So you can say that the name LYNK & CO is the starting point for how we define and communicate this new, innovative brand and its unique offering” says Peter Johansson, Client Director at Stendahls.

Casefilm for LYNK & CO, produced by Stendahls Film Studios

How do you create worldwide buzz for a new car brand, with zero media spend? In spring 2016 Stendahls was chosen for the global launch of Geely-owned car brand LYNK & CO. This new-thinking brand, launched in October 2016, wants to reshape the entire automotive industry with a new business model and with cars and services created for the new, open and connected world we live in today. In close collaboration with the client, Stendahls developed the identity of the new brand within months, while at the same time building up a dedicated team of about twenty people at the agency.

Stendahls took the lead in research, planning and strategy in close cooperation with the client’s team, led by Alain Visser and his vision of change, based on insights and experiences from the industry. The agency developed the brand identity, visual expression, direction for photo and film, and worked with the press- and launch events, digital services and concept development of the share-functionality, which is an important part of the PR message.

Our LYNK & CO team

“There’s a lot of room for change and conventions to challenge in the automotive industry. The world has evolved, but in many ways the industry has remained the same. Our challenge has been to find a way to not only bring a new product to the automotive world, but to create a challenger with the goal of turning the industry upside down. Questioning how we use cars and move in the cities, at a time of rapid urbanization. It requires a change not only in infrastructure and the products and services we create, but above all a change in people’s mindset – to influence people’s behavior and create an openness to, for example, sharing a car, just as we share experiences and apartments today. It is also part of the brand’s DNA to initiate new collaborations through CO:labs, which will be a part of the brand’s way of working. LYNK & CO’s open connectivity platform makes it possible to develop new digital services like we have done, for example, with the built-in share button that enables a more resource-smart way to own and use cars,” says Ylva Nestmark, Creative Director at Stendahls.

The LYNK & CO share button. Film by Stendahls Film Studios.

LYNK & CO is focusing more on the overall experience and the society we live in, than just on the product itself. The offer is about a simpler and more limitless mobility, whether it is by car or something else ahead. Adapted for the sharing economy, where people expect access to everything at the touch of a button.

Brand film. Concept Stendahls, production Adamsky and director Fredrik Etoall

We collaborated with Mr Smith, Jung Relations, Adamsky and Revolve. Dentsu in Shanghai handles the communication in China.

Peter Johansson, Client Director & Partner, Stendahls
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