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You have probably already seen some of our work. But there’s more to the story.

Why fit in when you can stand out

Uniformity is boring. That’s why we are more than 125 strategists, art directors, developers, planners, copywriters, UX designers, creative directors, account managers, PR managers, web developers, 3D artists, filmmakers, producers, social media managers and graphic designers mixed under the same roof.

There is more to life than work

When you really like your colleagues you find new ways to hang out, even after work hours. That’s why we do board game nights, LAN parties, movie communities, inspirational talks and a lot of other fun things. You get to spend more time with your fantastic colleagues while doing something you love. Win - win!

Be better, keep pushing

We don’t do limitations. So we do it when the client ask us. If they don’t ask us, we do it proactively. If we don’t have a client we do it ourselves.

Ready, steady, go!

At Stendahls you get more than the ordinary gym deal. Our concept StendahlsGo is packed with activities to make your life at the office better and most of all… more fun. Join us in running classes, swimming, climbing, yoga, squash, OCR activities, dance classes, paddle tennis and much more.

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