We’re growing like wildfire! Our excellent team of Java developers, based in our superb Gothenburg office, is currently looking for reinforcement. As if that isn’t good enough news, we will be hiring not only one, but two creative problem solvers!

What does a Java developer do at a creative agency, you ask? Isn’t it just a bunch of fancy pancy marketing stuff? For sure, we do a lot of that stuff, but our tech teams don’t, at least not as much. Our tech teams deliver world class technical solutions to enable our clients to communicate with their respective markets. Our Java team is, for example, responsible for the www.minvolvo.se application. This is a web-based service, which makes life a lot easier for Swedish Volvo owners (including car leasing schemes). There is a complex backend solution with integrations, databases, APIs for third party integrations, among other cool things.

This is very much a living, breathing, complex application with constant development. It grows, makes new friends and our team makes this happen. It is hugely rewarding to see our work make life so much easier for all Volvo owners (there are one or two out there…). To ensure the looks and not just functionality of this baby, we are pretty much all full stack in the team. And obviously, we work in an agile environment.

Working in this team at Stendahls, is the best of two worlds. You get to work with pure product development in a creative team, in a fantastic and fun environment without the politics and issues that come with working for a huge organisation. You’ll work closely with the client, digital partners and rarely have a boring moment.

If you love problem solving, writing creative Java code, working with a team that is likely to become your best friends, a social and fun environment – don’t let this opportunity slip away!

How to apply
Send a email along with any relevant info to:

Tina Dyer
+46 761 764 899