Innovation & Technology

Mobile, e-commerce, digital tools and services, web content management

Digital is not a channel. It’s the enabler in everything we do.

With digital services, products, functions and systems, we make brands an indisposable part of everyday life.

Technology itself may seem complex but in reality it's about making life simpler, and a bit more fun. The best ideas are often born out of technical possibilities. Our developers and innovators are curios, they set out to challenge the status quo. They challenge. Explore. Create. That’s how we arrive at the unexpected.

We deliver everything from huge global multi language and multi brand website solutions to innovative products and services in apps and on sites. We have experience working with the leading CMS tools and have launched several e-commerce solutions for various industries where we also connect online research and purchasing history with instore visits. We work towards one purpose, to help support and lead the consumer through a seamless customer experience, no matter if he/she interacts with the brand online or offline.

Partners & Platforms

  • Adobe
  • EPiServer
  • Sitecore
  • Wordpress

Our specialists make it happen.