“The World’s Most Boring Billboard” has become as highly talked about outdoor campaign, appearing in media across the world. As part of an international conversation about outdoor advertising, Josefin Thor, Art Director, and Mikael Andersson, Copywriter, recently appeared in an edition of The Stable’s Chat.

According to Adobe’s 2018 State of Digital Advertising in April, 74% of marketers think that their digital advertising is hitting the mark with people. According to the same study of 183 billion website visits, 12 billion video views, 150 billion emails, most people disagree.

Is outdoor advertising underachieving?

One of the problems with outdoor advertising is that those who come into contact with your message are a long way from a purchase. Whereas, with digital channels, you’re only a click away. Outdoor advertising as a channel has not really developed since it was first introduced. Today’s digital ad systems, on the other hand, are constantly under development to increase accuracy. There is a downside to this, however, as studies show that people feel followed by online ads and that retargeting can even contribute to people becoming even more tired of ads. This is where outdoor advertising has the advantage, it doesn’t seek out people in the same way and is therefore perceived as being less intrusive.

Creative advertising has been shown to work, and even liked by the recipients. And every year, we see lots of creative solutions in the outdoor category at the world’s most prestigious competitions. The problem is that it’s often limited special solutions. For outdoor to experience a revival as a media channel, great ideas from creatives and creative one-shots are not enough.

The channel itself also needs to evolve and create conditions for advertisers to start using new techniques in their communication solutions. Outdoor media as a channel needs to start reflecting a reality where the line between digital and physical gets more and more blurred. This is partly to create greater conditions for broader communication solutions to become smarter, more creative, more up-to-date and interactive, but also to be able to extend a brand experience and a shorter path to purchase.

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