More and more people are admitting to being addicted to their screens, and statistics show that young people spend an average of five hours a day on social media. We’re now launching the lamp Skärmfri™, which lets you know when it’s time to take a break.

For more info and FAQ about Skärmfri™, go to www.skärmhjä


Skärmfri™ (Screenfree) is part of Skärmhjälpen, a service from Länsförsäkringar that keeps track of your screen habits to help you maintain a healthy balance between life online and offline.

Skärmhjälpen is currently in beta and has a total screen time of two hours, optimized for a family of four. You install the lamp by connecting it to the Wi-Fi network at home and pair it with every smartphone and tablet you own. It will then sense how much time you and your family spend on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter. As your mutual time starts running out, the lamp gradually starts turning from white to red. As it glows fully red, your allocated daily limit of screen time is up and it’s time to think of something else to do. Like hanging out together in the real world.

Skärmfri is an experiment, produced in a limited edition. You can bid on one of five copies, with a base price of 5 000 SEK each, on Tradera. All proceeds will go to financing a lecturing tour on the subject of ”screen addiction” for students and teachers in schools located in socio-economically vulnerable districts, where funding lectures otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

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