Brand strategy and concept

Super Duper Wood Protection

Wood Monki is a new kick-ass product that gives any type of outdoor wood a silver-grey smooth surface that will last for up to six years (which is crazy good compared to wood oil).

But Wood Monki is also a brand new brand going for homerun on a super generic market. With zip, zilch, zero marketing budget of course. Quite a bold challenge.

So we started from scratch and created everything from the name and brand personality, to graphic identity, tone of voice and not least the packaging itself. To draw attention to our product we had to make Wood Monki stand out from the competition at home improvement stores. And we think we did a damn good job, if you ask us.

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Stendahls work for Wood Monki includes:
Brand strategy & platform
Visual identity
Packaging concept
In-store assets
Folder design
Website design




Other Work.