Brand communication concept

A brand strategy comes alive. Globally.

To activate their new brand strategy, Mölnlycke needed a strong communication concept – one that would reflect their commitment to healthcare professionals, inspire employees, and position the company as a global market leader. It was an exciting challenge, and “Proving it every day” hit the bull’s-eye. Other deliverables included a new visual identity, brand film, brand book, and corporate brochure.

Mölnlycke’s goal is to become the world’s leading medical solutions provider. Key to this is raising their company profile and strengthening their corporate brand. As their strategic communication agency, we were asked to create a communication concept that would bring the new brand strategy to life.

“Proving it every day” was our solution. Assertive and active, it goes straight to the core of Mölnlycke’s new brand territory, “human performance.”

Its range of uses is endless: from celebrating the achievements of healthcare professionals, to reinforcing Mölnlycke’s position as a trustworthy, confident, and dynamic partner, to serving as a call to action for all Mölnlycke employees. And with its emphasis on “proof,” the concept is naturally relevant to Mölnlycke’s customers, who demand solid evidence and measurable results from their solutions provider.

To express the concept, we developed a new visual identity built on Mölnlycke’s core colors, green and white. Striking photographs of healthcare professionals put the focus on the target group, while beautiful 3D-renderings of Mölnlycke’s products highlighted their premium quality and craftsmanship.

The concept was launched globally in January of 2017.

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