For everyone who will one day take over the world

We are proud to launch “För alla” (“For everyone”), a campaign created by Stendahls for the well-known Swedish insurance company, Länsförsäkringar Göteborg och Bohuslän. The campaign highlights the work Länsförsäkringar Göteborg och Bohuslän and their partners do to help give all children the best opportunities in life.

“Many young people are worried about the future. Together, we need to get them to believe in themselves and overcome their fears. We need to support those who are going to take over the world!”, says Helena Wallskog, head of marketing communication at Länsförsäkringar Göteborg och Bohuslän.

Länsförsäkringar have been engaged in extensive sustainability work in the regions of Gothenburg and Bohuslän in the West of Sweden for a number of years. This work involves encouraging children from different age groups and different backgrounds to overcome their fears and boost their self-esteem.

Together with Läxhjälpen (a non-profit organisation that helps young people who are having problems passing their exams), Bris (the children's rights organisation) and Friends (a charity dedicated to the prevention of bullying) and others, Länsförsäkringar Göteborg och Bohuslän is involved in several projects designed to help all children enjoy a better start in life. The goals of these projects include, ensuring young people get the support they need to get better grades, stopping bullying and exclusion and creating a safer everyday life for young children and teenagers – both at school and at home.

“We recently conducted a nation-wide web survey which showed that as many as 35 % of children do not have anyone to support them in their school work. It also showed that almost a third don’t believe they can reach their dreams and become what they want. Those are terrifying numbers!”, says head of marketing communication at Länsförsäkringar Göteborg och Bohuslän, Helena Wallskog.

The “För alla” campaign was launched in December 2016 and contains billboards, web, digital PR, TV and cinema.

Länsförsäkringar Göteborg och Bohuslän have previously won awards for their work and have also been recognised for Fulfiltret – the world’s first app against cyber bullying, which they created together with Stendahls.

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