Marketing recycling for retail

A smashing campaign

To help Stena Recycling create interest in their recycling solutions amongst retailers, we created a marketing campaign that deliberately used a retail style of marketing.

Stena Recycling sees potential for growth in the retail market. The problem is, for many, Stena Recycling is known mainly for the safe, effective transportation of waste material – when, in fact, they offer complete, tailor-made recycling solutions, which can turn rubbish and other waste from retailers into good business. And at the same time make the retailers more sustainable.

These fantastic solutions, however, can be complex to talk about. So first, we had to create interest in them and show that Stena Recycling understands the reality of the retail world. We took this insight and used it to come up with a campaign where Stena Recycling humorously explains their recycling solutions to retailers using both language and imagery that is instantly recognisable to them.

The campaign consists of films, print ads, digital banners and posts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

"Vi ser ett värde i allt. När en vara i din butik av någon anledning blir osäljbar, tar vi hand om såväl innehållet som förpackningen. Precis som vi gör med ditt emballage och allt annat överblivet material. Vi skräddarsyr en återvinningslösning för ditt avfall som sparar både tid och kostnader. Och som gör att även kasserade produkter blir en bra affär för dig. Upptäck hur vi bidrar till en hållbar handel på"

3D animation and film production by Bsmart.

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