The Energy Symphony

Converting energy graphs into music

We all use lots of energy every day, much more than we need. But even though the climate is one of our most important challenges, it’s difficult to truly move people to take it on. Gothenburg Energy, the publicly owned energy company in Sweden’s number one city for music, has a clear mission. To encourage Gothenburg residents to use less energy.

But how do we make kilowatt hours engaging and convince people that they can actually make a difference? We chose a language that everyone understands, and many are inspired by: music.

We created a unique piece of music using graphs showing Gothenburg’s energy consumption. In the music, we hear how energy consumption varies throughout the year, as the temperature rises and falls, and Gothenburg’s half a million residents shower, work, cook and sleep.

The purpose is to show that together we can make positive environmental change by using less of the company’s services.

The Energy Symphony is a collaboration between the singer-songwriter Maia Hirasawa, composer Klas-Henrik Hörngren, the world famous Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and Gothenburg Energy.

The campaign was presented as a music video and included a short documentary about the project. And of course, the music is available on iTunes and Spotify. The website offered practical tips on how to use less energy, and the campaign ended with a special concert for all the people who had gotten involved and shared their own ways of saving energy. 

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