The UpTool app

Digital service design by Stendahls to make Husqvarna workshops top efficient.

When asked by major client Husqvarna to design a new workshop management system, the team at Stendahls chose a different approach. Instead of ticking the boxes in the client’s wishlist, Stendahls took off with an overall approach to Husqvarna’s service process – and finished with a turn-key service design delivery.

Husqvarna Construction Products' extensive product range includes machines, diamond tools and accessories needed for cutting, sawing and drilling at all sorts of construction sites across the world.

Husqvarna’s customers need to have their machines running all day, all year. Because getting the work done is all that counts. But every once in a while something breaks or the machines need service. What can Husqvarna do to deliver an outstanding machine service and maximise their clients working time?

Husqvarna Construction Products' machines are hardworking tools that mustn't stand still.

Towards the industry’s best service
Husqvarna Construction Products and Stendahls formed a strategic partnership with a clear goal: developing the best end-user service experience in the business. Using service design principles and tools we mapped all roles, functions, needs and possibilities around the machine service.

We also identified Husqvarna’s service technicians as the best starting point for the journey. The guys fixing the machines play a key role in the service process and by supporting them we saw an opportunity to take a great leap towards delivering the best service experience in the business.

We mapped the service process and started the journey towards the best service experience in the business by focusing on the service technician.

UpTool - the app for technicians
Focusing on the everyday needs of the service technicians we developed an iPad-app called UpTool. UpTool aggregates and puts all necessary it-support for a service case at the technician’s fingertips. Taking a lean ux-approach, the technicians now have exactly the information they need in every step of the service process gathered in one interface. No more looking in different systems for spare parts, prices, client info or product manuals and no more redundant information slowing them down.

Husqvarna UpTool visualizes and guides the technicians through the service process.

Besides collecting the information around a products service case we also looked into the actual service process as it was performed at different service workshops around the world. Together with Husqvarna we developed and unified the process making it more clear and efficient. And by actually visualizing the updated way of working within the UpTool app, the service process is now more tangible for both the individual technicians as well as the whole organization.

All information the technician needs for each particular service job is available in UpTool.

Saving thousands of labour hours annually
UpTool is now implemented on over 40 markets and simplifies the handling of more than 10.000 service cases every year, saving thousands of labour hours. Besides fulfilling the goal of supporting the technicians in their daily work, UpTool also secures high quality data about the service process, clients and the products. This accumulated data have become a rich source of information for Husqvarna’s never ending product development. 

Enabling service contracts
Yet another effects of our joint work with the machine service is that Husqvarna have started to offer service contracts to their customers. Simply put – now Husqvarna have the process, tools and data to be able to guarantee (and make business cases) for keeping their clients’ machines running. Because that’s what it’s all about, remember?

After this first successful step, Husqvarna and Stendahls now continue their partnership with more projects on the journey towards delivering the best service experience in the business.

What we’ve done:
Business analysis and strategic roadmap
Service experience concept
Effect mapping
Service workflow analysis
UX and design of mobile and web front-end
Back-end development and integration
Market adaptation and global roll-out
Case video (internal)

Other Work.