Easy to choose electricity deal

How can you stand out on the electricity market and catch the attention of those choosing electrical company, perhaps for the first time? For Göteborg Energi, Stendahls created Elväljaren, a solution that guides those not sure of what to pick.

By answering a number of questions, the best deal is presented together with its advantages. And you can either pick that deal, or compare it to other ones. Elväljaren also shows you the most popular deals for apartments, houses and villas, as well as details and unit price.

Elväljaren makes it easy to choose electricity. It shouldn’t be complicated, but effortless. Presented with more choices, potential customers can quickly find the perfect deal that suits their needs. Based on interviews and a customer journey, we made it so that you can choose your deal with help from Göteborg Energi as well as see everything in a straightforward and interactive way, by making the most popular deals the first thing the customer sees. How the price is presented has also changed, as we’ve switched from kWh to an estimated monthly fee.  

Göteborg Energi’s environmental profile of 100% renewable sources is also brought forward in every step, as well as the fact that the surplus goes back to the community. When you become a Göteborg Energi customer, you should feel that you’re making a difference for the environment and your community. That Göteborg Energi is your energy company.

Elväljaren was launched on the Göteborg Energi website in June 2017 and test results show an immediate positive effect.

Elväljaren has been designed to work on computers, tablets and smartphones.


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