A new strategy and communication concept

Make more possible

With the new strategy and communication concept “Make more possible”, Stena Stål will go from being a traditional steel supplier to being associated with extraordinary service and solutions for customers in the construction and manufacturing industries.

Our collaboration with Stena Stål started with a situation assessment, interviews with key figures and a number of workshops. The purpose of this thorough preparatory work was to find a position that clearly highlights Stena Stål’s strength and separates the company from the competitors on the increasingly tougher steel market, where most companies have a similar selection and is perceived as equally good.

The brand work resulted in the forward-leaning position “Möjliggöraren”. In a close dialogue with Stena Stål during the creative work that subsequently took place, the new strategy and communication concept “Make more possible” gradually emerged. It reflects the closeness and flexibility which permeate Stena Stål. Always being there, familiarizing themselves with the customer’s reality to understand their needs, and finding solutions that makes it possible for each customer to realize their plans. At the same time meaning that Stena Stål contributes to the development of society.

Based on this new concept, we put a new tonality into text, newly taken photographs and moving images. The “new” Stena Stål is launched with film, ads in business media, banners, social media posts and on Stena Stål’s own website, which received a new layout.

Produced by Stendahls Film.

Other Work.