Volvo Cars - Service 2.0

Step by step to perfect customer service

In the spring of 2009, Swedish Volvo shops were under extra hard pressure from competitors on the market. After analysing the problem, we suggested to Volvo that they could focus on something that their competitors couldn’t offer: software updates.

Something that they could package with the original service and other offers under the name ”Service 2.0”. Volvo shouldn’t compete with prices, but with value, and the name ”Service 2.0” aims at both the increase of technologic levels through the free updates, and that the service itself is brought to another level, with the focus changed from car service to customer service.

The concept was a quick success and since then, we’ve worked with adaptations of the concept for launching it on the international market. From 2012, Volvo shops in over 39 countries started offering Volvo Service 2.0.

This is a great example on how Stendahls work. From the analysis, to strategy and concept, to selling it locally and internationally, and finally seeing it all come together at sales companies and retailers. We’ve produced everything from workshop material and prints to films and web campaigns.

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