Jotun - Demidekk Ultimate Premier

When the house was last painted doesn't matter any more

Demidekker’s are happy to paint. But not that often.

For every house owner, the feeling of a freshly painted facade is fantastic. But the painting itself is something many avoid doing too often. Sustainability is therefor one of the most important arguments when it comes to buying paint for outdoor use.

Jontun’s product Demidekk Ultimate is a high quality cover paint for outdoor use. The colour is based on AMA technology, which gives both stability in colour and long intervals in maintenance. To be able to attract a choosy target group, we wanted to shift it all and replace the technical in the colour with earthy and familiar warmth.

Together with director Måns Herngren, and production company FLX, we brought forward a film concept where it’s all about an amazing summer home and a grandchild that tries to get their grandpa to remember when he last painted the house. Something that grandpa seemed to have a great difficulty remembering.

Our client, Jotun Sweden, is very pleased and when the campaign was shown to the head company in Norway, we got the mission to develop Norwegian versions for them as well.

TV is the main media of this campaign, but it can also been seen in print, DR and in stores.

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