Film for Stena Recycling

The car lives on in new film

On October 26, Stena Nordic Recycling Center officially opened in Halmstad. It’s Europe’s most modern recycling plant and Stena Recycling’s biggest investment ever. The inauguration started with a new film that we have produced for Stena Recycling. The film is a continuation of the communication theme “Let the materials live”, which was launched at the start of 2016. It shows episodes from the life of a car before it ends up at Stena Recycling in Halmstad. But it’s not the end, but the beginning of something new…

In addition to the film, we helped Stena Recycling with all possible communication in connection with the inauguration. With new material for the company’s showroom, that had temporarily moved into the inaugural venue, we brought forward the new possibilities that this state of the art recycling plant in Halmstad brings.

For example, Stena Recycling can now recycle “fluff”, the tangled residual material consisting of fabric, foam rubber, wood, metals and plastics that arise when seats and interior from cars is ground down for recycling. Fluff was previously put on landfill, but thanks to modern technology a lot of it can be separated, taken care of and processed into new raw materials. Together with a number of other technological advances, this allows Stena Recycling to recycle no less than 95 percent of each car.

Stena Recycling's new facility is a necessity for Volvo Cars' target of 95 % recyclability. On October 27, they posted the film on their Twitter account.

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