Exufiber case study

Challenging the market leader

Our global campaign for Exufiber, Mölnlycke’s revolutionary gelling fiber dressing, is disrupting an industry long dominated by a single competitor.

When Mölnlycke created Exufiber, they redefined how gelling fiber dressings should perform. But even with a superior product, penetrating a market in which a single competitor owns an 80–95% market share  (depending on whether you look at “standard” or “anti-microbial” gelling fibres) would not be an easy task. We knew that if we could convince users to try Exufiber, they would be more likely to switch. The key was getting their attention.

With copy that channeled Mölnlycke’s “expert, progressive and empathetic” brand tonality as well as beautiful product photography and attractive design, we showed wound-care nurses that Mölnlycke understood their day-to-day challenges better than anyone else – and could offer a better solution.

Our recently launched global campaign included a 12-page sales aid, direct mailer and E-DM packed with evidence proving Exufiber’s superiority. After just a few months, they are already generating intense interest and strong sales leads.

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