Revitalizing a brand with emotional – and relevant – communication

It’s all about the outcome

Our campaign for Mepilex® & Mepitel® dressings with Safetac®, Mölnlycke’s innovative technology for advanced-wound-care dressings, gets patients out of the hospital bed and back to real life.

Healthcare communications have to be relevant, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be exciting too. Our campaign for dressings with Safetac, Mölnlycke’s technology for reducing pain and suffering in patients with chronic wounds, takes its cue from one of the hottest issues in the industry today: patient and budget outcomes.

With the new concept and tagline, “It’s all about the outcome”, we set out to reinforce Mölnlycke’s status as an industry leader, a position they’ve arrived at by relentlessly pushing themselves to do better. We wanted to challenge the healthcare community to do the same, while communicating that with Mölnlycke’s support they could create the best possible outcome for their patients and their budgets.

The campaign featured forward-looking, emotionally driven images of happy, healthy people living life to the full, together with confident copy grounded in solid evidence.

It kicked off with the global launch of Mepilex XT, their new wound-care dressing, and included a complete sales toolkit of ads, print and electronic direct-marketing materials, presentations, and films. Additional product launches to follow.

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