Going all-in with a big product launch

Truly customized laparoscopic solutions

When Mölnlycke decided to expand their surgical portfolio to include laparoscopic solutions, they knew what it could mean for their business. We helped ensure a successful launch.

To ensure their laparoscopic solutions launch would be a success, Mölnlycke asked us to create a communication concept that would be relevant to surgeons and OR nurses, and that would spark interest in Mölnlycke’s new products.

Our concept “Truly customized laparoscopic solutions” served a dual purpose. It not only recognized the unique demands and challenges of Mölnlycke’s many different customers. It also communicated that the laparoscopic instruments are part of a time-saving customizable surgical tray – a point of differentiation that Mölnlycke has over their competitors.  

Dramatic, credible photos of laparoscopic teams in action spoke directly to the target audience, while striking 3-D images of the products reinforced Mölnlycke’s position as a premium brand.

The beginning of a long-term project, this first phase of the launch culminated in a digital and print sales aid with more deliverables to follow.

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