Multiple language app for iOS and Android

Volvo Cars VISTA Mobile app

Volvo Cars VISTA is a biannual global competence development initiative aimed at technicians and body repairers in the Volvo Cars dealer network around the world.

It takes the form of a competition where participants form teams of 2-3 people and answer tricky multiple-choice questions in three theoretical rounds. The best teams advance to semifinal and final rounds where competition is both theoretical and practical. VISTA has been around since the 1950's and summons over 10 000 participants from all over the world.

For this year's version of VISTA, Volvo Cars wanted to develop and modernize the concept to further improve interaction with the participants. Decision was made to create a mobile app where participants must perform "missions" to collect bonus points for the competition. Examples of missions: upload photo from local workshop, read an educational article or watch a video clip, give feedback on something that could be improved and some other mission types. The app also serves as a news channel for the participants where interesting news relevant to their work can be published.

The app was developed for both iOS and Android and has been a success with a take rate of about 80 % of the participants. It handles multiple languages and works well in both western languages as well as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.

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