Brand new approach

Realizing dreams

Blomsterlandet took a new approach to their print ads. Just like the rest of the flower shop business, the chain's marketing focused on price. We gave it another successful direction.

A combination of a updated range, consisting of décor details and pots, and a will to expand knowledge and target group, lead to the manner that we today associate with Blomsterlandet. From simply being a chain of stores that sells flowers, to a place where you can realize your dreams of an inspiring home. Today, Blomsterlandet advertises in magazines like Elle Decoration, Femina, Sköna Hem, Lantliv and Plaza Interiör.

Emotional and inspiring

– Earlier, the flower shop business treated plants like supermarkets treat meat, even in brand ads. For four years, we’ve worked with putting the range of Blomsterlandet in an inspiring and living environment, an environment that the customer are used to and can bring to heart. By arranging images with emotional values in the back of our heads, and then run the ads in magazines that potential customers actively read, we managed to expand the target group and increase the knowledge. And especially increase sales, says Oscar Plasidius, Art Director.

Real results

The success has in other words been to set both the range of Blomsterlandet as ads in the right content, where inspiration and messages that are easy to understand become the catchwords. The ads have contributed to increasing the knowledge of Blomsterlandet markedly. And great results in measurements  observation and preference.

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