Boosting Gothenburg as a tourist destination

Typical Gothenburg!

Just before summer, Gothenburg’s tourism board, Göteborg & Co., asked us to boost the city’s profile as a tourist destination. In particular, we were to highlight its friendly people and fun things to do. Families with children were our main target audience, and we knew they would be bombarded with lots of travel offers during our campaign. So we needed to find a way to stand out.

The result was Typiskt Göteborg! (Typical Gothenburg!), a popular web-TV series in four parts featuring two well-known Swedish TV personalities, David Sundin & Kakan Hermansson. As the show’s funny, dynamic stars explored Gothenburg, viewers followed along. And together they met its colorful residents, discovered its hidden gems and learned what is truly typical of Gothenburg.

Packaging the campaign as entertainment, rather than as traditional advertising, gave us the freedom to showcase Gothenburg in an exciting new context and really capture the audience’s interest. But above all, it gave us plenty of content and a unique opportunity to reach our target audience where they would be most receptive.

Typical Gothenburg! also attracted much attention in the press, resulting in editorials and articles in a range of Swedish media including DI Weekend, Allt om Resor, Göteborgs Posten, Två Dagar and Expressen, and it was even picked up in popular culture with a review in TVdags.


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