A customer-centric approach helped create an award-winning e-com site

The Runelandhs e-commerce site emerged from a collaborative client relationship where creativity, technology and strategy came together from the start – and where the customer was always in focus. Besides boosting sales, the site won the award for “Best E-commerce” at the Web Service Awards.


Runelandhs is a large Swedish mail order and e-commerce retailer that provides a wide range of equipment and furniture to companies and municipalities. The company has a longstanding collaborative relationship with Stendahls, stretching back for several years. And as Runelandhs’ digital partner, we help them with everything from strategies and concepts to technical implementation and optimization.


A customer-centric approach

By putting the user in focus, mapping customer journeys, analyzing over four years’ worth of existing website data and performing large-scale AB/ testing and optimization, we developed and created a successful new e-commerce website.



Data analysis
Customer journey mapping
Effect mapping
UX design
Front-end development
Back-end development and integration
Testing & optimization


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