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Stendahls is a full service digital & creative agency offering cutting edge expertise and a wide range of services for both B2C and B2B brands.

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Branding & Communication

Collaborate with our cross-functional teams. Together, we can help people get to know and love your brand. Stendahls is ranked as one of the world’s most creative agencies. We win awards for our insight-driven campaigns and cross-channel content.

Service design & Innovation

Unleash user-centric experiences and innovative digital services. Drive conversion, loyalty and value. Make things better for your brand, and your customers. We create and test new digital tools and services – quickly, via real-world insights, design sprints and rapid prototyping. These help transform your business in this new, connected era.

E-commerce & Digital Platforms

Ecommerce, apps, websites and digital services all empower your brand: cost-effectively communicating, selling and servicing your products directly to consumers, 24/7. Stendahls acts as a bonding force between IT departments, Marketing, and Sales. Silos are there to be bridged; and with cutting-edge technology, standard platforms and agile methodologies, we do so and launch new services in record time.


Identify the best possible path through digital transformation: and use it to fuel growth, build brand equity, and discover future revenue streams. There are lots of different ways in which brand equity can grown. Our experienced consultants are on hand to help you find out which is right for you, helping you navigate the rapidly-changing business and media landscape – and get results.

Data & Optimization

Visualise and analyse data for actionable insights – and optimise your growth initiatives in real time. Data-driven decisions, measurable results and guaranteed ROI are mandatory for most investments. We not only provide the data, we also help you understand your audience, visualize results and maximize the effect of your activities and solutions.

AI Integration & Strategy

In today's competitive market, not leveraging AI could put you behind as many companies use it to boost growth and efficiency. However, without a strategic approach, AI could become merely a hollow gimmick. We focus on connecting AI with important business principles, making sure we create direct and measurable impact. We are to the point, and focused on actionable solutions rather than “just talking about it”.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are ubiquitous these days and run on a wide array of devices, from mobile phones, to tablets and automotive areas. While you can access things through the web on these devices, an app can offer a smoother and more tailored experience. In comparison to web-based solutions, apps grant access to a wide array of device sensors, a smoother user experience and higher user engagement. By leveraging apps, one can effectively address challenges and explore new avenues for growth and innovation.