122 Sitecore sites in 15 months

Each twice as efficient


Stendahls specialists developed and launched 122 new Sitecore web sites for Volvo Construction Equipment in 15 months. The first one began generating leads and SEM already after 6 months. These new sites are far more efficient to maintain, generate record-high numbers of leads, and have been awarded prizes for delivering significant gains in productivity and marketing ROI.


With over 220 outdated and poorly-performing websites, all maintained through manual content management processes, updating Volvo Construction Equipment’s main marketing channel had become a business-critical issue. However, within 15 months an agile team at Stendahls had developed and launched 122 new Sitecore sites: in 30 languages, for 150 editors.


The new web universe became twice as efficient to maintain and the time-to-market for new product launches dropped from three months to less than one. Lead generation increased by 100% per site visit, generating a record-high number of inquiries and requests for quotes. The new set of sites have had 100% uptime since launch, and globally the average time it takes for a page to load is less than two seconds.


Awarded for significant gains in marketing ROI

The new sites won a Sitecore Experience Award for delivering significant and measurable gains in productivity and marketing ROI.



Sitecore architecture
Back-end development and integration
Front-end development
Extension and adaptation of Sitecore platform – to enhance editing experience
Hosting architecture, setup, monitoring and operation (Amazon cloud hosting)
Performance optimization
Market adaptation, translations and global roll-out
On-site training of local editors
Second- and third-line editor support
Continuous development, support and content

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