Designing a premium brand experience – without losing conversions

Developing a new global e-commerce site for Haglöfs came with challenges. Like working out how to address the retail network’s concerns about internal competition. And how to design and build a premium brand experience – without losing any focus on sales conversion.

Haglöfs is a Swedish outdoor gear brand that specializes in products for people who want to invest in and equip themselves for an active outdoor lifestyle. Its products are characterized by their market-leading quality, fit and function.



Our mission was to create an e-commerce site that, as well as selling products, strengthened the brand by sharing the story of Haglöfs. Since Haglöfs is one of the most influential and innovative brands in the global outdoor market, with a network of high-class distribution channels, having a site that matched their profile became a key part of maintaining and building the brand experience. So, in order to succeed, we had to find the right strategic balance between inspiring content, and product promotion.



An outdoor experience in digital format

We also needed to create a uniform concept that would work for all markets. By paying attention to the behaviors and requirements of the target groups, managing concerns from the retailer network and by focusing on the entire user experience, we created an outdoor experience in digital format – one that converted visitors to customers.



Customer journey mapping
Effect mapping
UX design
Front-end development


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