Double revenue/customer with new global e-commerce

With the growth of the company, the former legacy e-commerce solution had become a bottle-neck not able to harvest the true sales potential fully. A complete e-commerce makeover, fueled by real-world insights, doubled customer revenue while providing a scalable solution for future growth.

Softube is a fast-growing Swedish company developing audio and music software, targeting both professionals and consumers. When expanding into new markets, traffic and sales increased, and so did pressure on the platform. It became clear that the legacy e-commerce solution developed inhouse had to be replaced to increase revenue and maximize growth.


Stendahls and Softube partnered to create a user experience speaking to both new and existing customers on a global market and to develop a scalable technical solution easy to manage. The new solution would also integrate with brand new third-party services.


The Solution

While has a rather straight forward purchase flow, the backend of the e-commerce offers much more complexity. Several integrations, product upgrade relations, and custom states of licenses make it possible for customers to combine Softube products in different ways to create the perfect sound.


The cloud-based e-commerce platform Litium is integrated with a license management system that holds all the user licenses, from demo products to bundle-packs and upgrades. The e-commerce targets customers on a global market with three different currencies, and the payment service provider offers support for local payment preferences.


Overselling is not an issue since the software licenses are being created at the time of purchase, but the software activation and the range of versions demand custom features and additional databases. Part of the project was also to create a REST-API to make it possible for Softube’s app “Softube Central” to communicate with the e-commerce platform making the ownership easy to manage for customers.


An MVP for the new e-commerce was launched together with the “Softube Central” app, replacing the company’s entire digital eco-system in one step.


Measuring the effects post-launch

The effect of launching a responsive e-commerce usually means a boost in mobile traffic and conversion rate, but the users also engaged with content to a greater extent than before.


Page speed 51% up
Session duration 28% up
Bounce rate 37% down
Mobile bounce rate 71% down
Conversion rate increased with 52% on desktop and 178% on mobile devices.


Investigation cross-device behaviour after launch also showed that the revenue-per-customer was almost doubled for visitors using both mobile device and desktop.


Stendahls is continuously iterating and optimising the e-commerce and is supporting Softube as they continue to expand and reach new customers in their quest for the perfect sound.



  • User research
  • Customer journeys
  • UX design
  • Technical pre-study
  • Frontend and backend development
  • API design
  • Payment service integration
  • License management integration

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