The Check Out Suite

We launched the world’s first hotel room where the price is determined by how much time the guests spend on social media. In other words – screen time became the new currency. The news spread like wildfire across the world and became a viral success with a massive reach.


Länsförsäkringar is working preventively with social sustainability to create a better climate on the Internet for young people and families. Here we wanted to raise the issue of screen addiction and help people find a better balance in their digital life.


The price is calculated with the help of the smart lamp Skärmfri™️ that through its WiFi knows how much time you spend online. The light of the lamp shifts gradually and the price of the hotel room increases accordingly. After recommended recreational screen time of 30 minutes per person the lamp switches to red and you have reached full price for The Check Out Suite. If you don’t spend any time at all on social media the room is free of charge.


The initiative is a collaboration between Länsförsäkringar Göteborg och Bohuslän and Hotel Bellora.


With the help of strong news value and availability (a bookable hotel stay), the initiative takes locks into one of the most debated subjects right now – screen time. The purpose is to engage families and get earned media attention on the subject of digital health, and in turn get increased awareness and traffic to skärmhjä and the campaign site skärmhjä


A viral success! The news spread like wildfire across the world.


Media investment: 0:-
Number of articles: over 300
Potential reach: approx. 293 854 671


– Named one of the Top 50 World Trends in February by Trendhunter.
– A feature in British Airlines’ in-flight magazine High Life.
– Pick of The Day at AdAge.
– From idea to reality: The Check Out Suite was made bookable at Hotel Bellora.
– And most important – engagement among the target group as 600 families from around the world signed up for a stay in The Check Out Suite.
– Ranked as one of the Best Financial Ads of the Month by AdForum

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