Together with our client Volvo Construction Equipment we won the prize for Best Marketing Agility in the Sitecore Experience Awards.

During last year Stendahls created and launched 122 websites for Volvo CE, and it is this ambitious project that is now being acknowledged. 

The price for Best Marketing Agility is presented with the motivation: “The Volvo Construction Equipment’s website displayed a commitment to innovative thinking that sets it apart from all others.”

The successful project has resulted in a concept and design that deliver a premium brand experience and consistent global marketing message. The enriched design and user experience for customers has resulted in a 100% increase in lead generation per site visit and led to record high number of enquiries and requests for quotes.

Furthermore, the solution is an engineering masterpiece that manages 370 000 content items in 35 languages for 150+ editors working globally, enabling Volvo CE to spend more effort on their marketing and less on keeping their product information up to date.

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