32-year-old with digital focus takes over at Stendahls

Henrik Segergren started as a system developer and has worked on digital strategy and business development. With his 32 years, he has made ​​something of a meteoric career in the advertising industry.

 His focus has always been the digital and to sync traditional advertising with new technical possibilities.
– Thinking beyond advertising and going for inovation, new technology, consumer instincts and strategy, those are my ways to contribute to driving the agency forward, says Henrik. We have a strong digital offer, and together with brand and business development it will continue to be our focus, he continues.

Another question that engages Henrik is the culture and work enviroment of the agency.
– We want to be Sweden’s best workplace for talented hybrid creators and will do some things over the years to live up to that. Among other things, we have introduced what we call ‘Friday Lab’. It means that every Friday, our developers have time to freely engage in developing their own thoughts and ideas. It’ll be a form of personal development, without limitations in terms of time schedules, budgets and so on. The thing is to allow people to feel comfortable and given space to be stimulated creatively. Which is everything when it comes to successful communication.

The focus of Stendahls during 2013 will be to develop the clients’ digital and mobile strategies and solutions, including service development. Focus will also be on even more content driven communication that you can see increasing, especially as the advertising tiredness among consumers increases.
– We work a whole lot with global missions and multinational companies. Our strenght here is to get involved in the client’s affair, handle a complex market and think beyond the traditional advetisment. This is also a chance for development, in becoming better in global intelligence, to look up and think bigger, says Henrik.

Looks like 2013 will be exciting when it comes to clients!
– Our focus is always the clients that we have, but we’re discussing with many more interesting companies. I’ll be happy to get back on that during the spring, finishes Henrik Segergren.

Published 15. February 2013