Collectively creating our vision

100 people, thousands of post-it’s and a film studio. Stendahls is an agency in constant transformation.

Since our start in 1954, we have used our curiosity as the driving force in an ever changing society and technology landscape, from the desktop publishing revolution in the 1980’s, the internet age, the mobile revolution and the digitalization of business, constantly transforming the way we create effective marketing.

When we in October 2014 looked ahead to Stendahls’ next 60 years, we did it by collectively creating our shared vision. During two active days, all 100 people of Stendahls created a shared vision that will guide our strategy and inspire innovation at every level.

Rather than a destination, our shared vision is an ongoing conversation throughout Stendahls around vision, purpose, values and how we make a difference in the world around us.

Published 19. November 2014