Hey Ellen Karnblad! Our fresh from school UX Designer


“I find joy in the small moments in life.”

Ellen Karnblad is a trained UX Designer and, after several years of learning, she has longed to throw herself into working life.

“I would be lying if I said I didn’t long to start working,” laughs Ellen. “And to have the opportunity to do it at such an exciting company as Stendahls feels fantastic. I was attracted by Stendahls because I wanted to be part of an agency that has an innovative and creative environment, with people who are experts in what they do, yet at the same time really value each other. During the first meeting, I felt Stendahls lived up to my expectations and that it was a perfect match!”

Ellen says that she will work as a UX Designer here at Stendahls, where she hopes to be able to contribute with her constant curiosity and her ability to capture and transform insights into new solutions, for the benefit of both users and clients.

“My curiosity means that I am constantly learning more and new things,” says Ellen. “I also hope to contribute with positive energy and enjoy some nice coffee breaks!”

In addition to pleasant coffee breaks, Ellen looks forward to applying her knowledge to real projects and seeing them take shape.

“But I’m also longing to get to know all my colleagues and exchange knowledge with each other,” says Ellen. “My motto is ‘it’s the little things in life‘, so I find joy in the small moments. For example, watching a sunset, having coffee with a friend or simply just being makes me feel warm in my soul.”

Stendahls playlist

“My choice for the Stendahls playlist is ‘Shackles (Praise You)’ by Mary Mary. Actually just because it really makes me want to dance! You can’t be anything else than happy and energized when you hear it.”

Do you want to be as happy and energized as Ellen? Listen to the Stendahls playlist here

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Published 19. October 2021