Hey Karin Andersson-Rödlix! Our inquisitive new project manager.


“I’ve always been curious about people.”

Karin Andersson-Rödlix is originally from Varberg, but for the past ten years has worked and studied abroad. She has experience of running global, national and regional campaigns and projects, and most recently came from London where she worked as a Senior Account Manager.

“I’m so excited to be here and it feels great to be a fellow stendarling!”, says Karin. “I’ve received such a warm welcome from team members and clients, which has enabled me to dive right into work. I’m really looking forward to bringing my skills and curiosity to Stendahls’ clients and campaigns.”

At Stendahls, Karin will work as a Project Manager and primarily with customers such as Volvo Penta and Essity. She became interested in the position thanks to Stendahls’ rich history, positive reputation, and also the company’s broad strategic and creative offering.

“In addition I was really excited about the opportunity to continue working with big clients on global campaigns. An open company culture where everyone is able to be themselves, combined with high ambitions from both us and our clients is important to me”, says Karin.

In conclusion, Karin says that she draws her inspiration – both in her working life and privately – from other people.

“I’ve always been curious about people and try to understand what makes them “tick”. And that’s why I truly like my job; that I get to combine strategic thinking in a highly creative environment together with my interest in people, whether it’s a target audience, friends, clients or team members.”

Stendahls playlist

“My choice for the Stendahls playlist is “Heartbeats” by The Knife. This is one of my absolute favourite tunes. It’s like parmesan, as it goes with everything. I listen to it when I need to “get shit done”, on the dance floor, in my car and when I need to feel uplifted. I also think that it speaks volumes that José González’s cover of the song is such a huge hit on its own.”

Do you want to feel as uplifted as Karin? Listen to the Stendahls playlist here

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Published 10. November 2021