Hey Klara Persson! Our new pixel perfectionist and Graphic Designer


“I love writing, illustrating and designing children’s books.”

Klara Persson has many years experience behind her as a Graphic Designer, and she has worked with several large clients such as ICA Gruppen, GöteborgsOperan and Göteborg Film Festival. Good ideas are something she values highly, as well as the love of small details.

“It’s natural for me to be able to take care of the smallest spaces, pixels or characters, to create a whole that fits like a glove,” says Klara.

Klara will work as a Graphic Designer here at Stendahls, and she believes that her constant perseverance will be a good asset for both clients and teams.

“I applied to Stendahls because I really want to be part of a large agency with high ambitions,” says Klara. “Here I will be able to work on developing and keeping brands’ visual identity strong and consistent, and I am very much looking forward to working in this creative environment with all my new colleagues. It really feels fun and exciting to be here!”

In addition to producing creative visual communication, Klara finds joy in spending time with loved ones, visiting new places and enjoying good food.

“But my biggest interest is still writing, illustrating and designing children’s books“, concludes Klara. “It gives me tremendous joy!”

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Published 19. October 2021