Hey Oskar Schmidt!

Our super experienced (and at the same time new) digital designer!


If Oskar Schmidt got a penny for every piece of experience he’s got in his backpack, he’d be hired as a very well-paid senior designer by now. Oh. Wait. Welcome to Stendahls Oskar!

“Thank you! I’ve got a great gut feeling about this. Stendahls and the exciting designer family have warmly welcomed me,” says Oskar.

Before starting at Stendahls, Oskar’s been around. A lot. And done… a lot. He first started with arts, painting on giant canvases and taking a master’s degree at HDK. He then flew over to the states and learned about magazines and typography. But what’s the big apple compared to Little London? Back in Gothenburg, he kept filling up that resume of his.

“I worked as an Art Director, both as a freelancer and in various digital agencies in town. Previously I worked on company identities and implemented that in web and app design. I then switched to mainly focusing on companies’ digital identities and design profiles. Other than that, I’ve sat in design jurys and also got to design a couple of fonts. But that last part, I have to admit that’s more of a nerdy hobby of mine.” says Oskar.

At Stendahls, Oskar will be joining the Husqvarna team and back up as a Senior Digital Designer. But what does Oskar ask in return for his expertise? “For me to thrive at Stendahls, I need a sweet mix of inspiring assignments and people who believe in the ideas and solutions that we create. But also an understanding and warmth between us, what we’re good at and what needs work, so that everybody feels good and that they contribute.”

On the question of what inspires him, Oskar answers, “I’m inspired by anything that makes me feel something, good or bad. A bit corny but true. A real turkey of a movie or design can fascinate and inspire me as much as something absolutely fantastic. I think I’m astounded by the people behind it, as much as the piece itself”.

For his contribution to the Stendahls Spotify playlist, Oskar had a hard time choosing ONE song, but after threats from the author to sneak in inaccuracies in the interview, Oskar went for the Gothenburg based band The Knife with the song Silent shout. “They always give me the shivers. With the perfect combination of melancholy and excitement, they work just as good at home as in a club.”

And with that, I say it like Depeche Mode, one of the other bands Oskar tried to get onto the list – Enjoy the silence, as Oskar starts spreading his magic around him.

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Published 28. January 2022