Insights from the outside

We believe that in order to find the really brilliant ideas, you as a designer must step out of the office once in a while. Out into the real world, and meet the people you’re communicating with.

Right now, we have temporarily moved out into one of the most centrally environments in Gothenburg. Here, it’s easy for the public to take part, to speak up, criticize or celebrate concepts and campaigns. Or simply talk about what you think when it comes to advertising. The premises are available to our employees, used as an alternative place to sit and work.

But the pop-up also serves as a place for creative workshops, both internally and with clients, and as a showroom for new campaigns. We collaborate with advertising schools, for them to share with us and for us to get their insights and opinions. For example, last week Gothenburg Rescue Mission worked with us in our “pop-up”. There they were available to the press and media in conjunction with the launch of our latest campaign “The Children’s Conversation” (#barnkonversationen). We even had an internal workshop and a preview event at the pop-up for the same campaign. Another goal is to be “on the street”, to be able to make shorter consumer surveys with passers, linked directly to our clients.

The pop-up will be used over the course of a couple of weeks. Then it’s time to do something new. The idea is that a change of environment in itself is stimulating and necessary in order to not get stuck in a rut. When we’ve been here for a while, it’s time to get moving again, and then we’ll turn up somewhere else. I cannot say where, but it is guaranteed to be in a place where it is easy for people to pop in and give us their thoughts that’ll turn into really good ideas.

Published 17. May 2013