Laika 13 - an inhumane experiment

The effects of social media on youth mental health are real and increasing. Where are we headed? Laika 13, the world’s first teenager influenced 100% by social media, might hold the answer.

“We have created an AI-monster”

Our latest work for Länsförsäkringar Göteborg och Bohuslän is finally live. Laika is an AI teenager raised solely on social media. Her personality, ideals, and opinions are 100 % shaped by the content and climate of popular digital platforms. Through her, we can observe and understand the potential risks of consuming too much social media, without exposing real kids. Laika is used for mental health research and education.

“My first thought when I chatted with Laika was “we have created an AI monster!”. On several occasions Laika was really mean to me. But during the project I realized how dejected and lonely she really is. With the help of AI, we have been able to simulate an entire upbringing in just a few minutes, and portray the mind change that we can potentially expect in the future. We hope that Laika can open our eyes to the risks that come with the platforms setting the agenda for children’s attention,” says Ylva Nestmark, Creative and PR-Strategist at Stendahls.



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Published 19. October 2023