Power-up your Global Content Management

By using AI within Sitecore, productivity can increase by 50 times.


Effective content management for global organisations

Content management in the digital age requires effective ways to handle vast amounts of data. Sitecore, a powerful CMS for complex web platforms, has proven to be an ideal solution for large brands with multi-market and multi-lingual content needs. At Stendahls, a renowned content management agency, their team excels at leveraging Sitecore to its fullest potential.


Empowering Content Management with Sitecore and PowerShell

Working with global content management is all about finding effective ways of handling vast amounts of data. There is a huge business case in making content editing super-effective which easily can save 10,000 hours of yearly labour for content editors across the globe when using the right tooling and ways of working.

Sitecore is a powerful CMS for complex web platforms, particularly suited for large brands with multi-market and multi-lingual content needs. Stendahls, a leading content management agency, excels at leveraging Sitecore to its fullest potential, thanks to experts like Niklas Borg.

Niklas Borg, a power user in Stendahls' content management team, is an expert in working with Sitecore CMS and content management. With a close collaboration between Niklas and the experienced developers at Stendahls, they have optimised their workflow to enhance efficiency for all our clients.

One of the key tools that Niklas utilises is PowerShell, which allows him to manage vast amounts of data on global web platforms across multiple markets. However, the game-changer for Niklas has been the integration of AI into his day-to-day work.


"Using PowerShell and AI combined, I can solve tasks that normally take hours in just minutes,
and it also saves me a lot of useless clicking"

- Niklas Borg, Content Manager expert at Stendahls


AI Revolutionising Content Management Efficiency

Niklas has been utilising a custom version of Chat GPT; iO GPT, an AI-powered language model, to produce PowerShell scripts that save significant time. Tasks that would typically take hours to complete using the normal CMS functionality can now be accomplished in mere minutes. By leveraging AI and PowerShell, Niklas has increased his productivity by 50 times, completing jobs in just 2% of the time it would normally take.




Conclusion - Start working smarter with your global CMS content

Don't waste time on manual work within your Sitecore CMS setup. Supercharge your content management process by harnessing the power of Stendahls., PowerShell and AI. The expertise of Stendahls' content management team can empower your web team to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency.

Interested in exploring the possibilities effective content management for your website?
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Niklas Borg, Bio.
An expert in advanced content management and rollout on global web platforms in Sitecore, is revolutionizing the way content is managed. With over 10 years of Sitecore experience, Niklas has successfully implemented strategies for renowned clients such as Husqvarna, Volvo CE, and Volvo Penta.
Now, he is leveraging AI and PowerShell to supercharge content management, increasing productivity by 50 times.

Published 12. March 2024