Release: Fulfiltret – the app against cyber bullying

Meet Fulfiltret (The Nasty Filter), an app that uses the keyboard to filter out nasty and mean Swedish words and replace them with kind words.

Swear words, name-calling and taunts are turned into compliments, kindness and happiness. The second a mean message is created, a nice one is sent instead.

The creators of the app are Länsförsäkringar Göteborg och Bohuslän, a Swedish insurance company, who want to get more people to think before they act, changing the increasingly cold climate online where threats and abuse are sent without a thought. Where hurtful comments and messages affect many kids every day and lead to psychological suffering and a feeling of exclusion.

The app is free to download from AppStore. So being nice won’t cost a thing!


Other parts of this campaign include interactive billboards, print, web, digital PR and film. During the campaign period, there are also workshops at schools where students can discuss the subject and come up with tips of their own on how to make society a bit warmer. Everything about the campaign plus tips on how to contribute to a nicer society will be gathered at

Published 3. November 2015