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April 1st, 2024

[Gothenburg, Sweden] - In a move that defies convention, Stendahls has decided to close its physical office doors, opting instead for a fully virtual workspace powered by Apple Vision Pro. This groundbreaking decision comes as the agency celebrates seven decades of pioneering creativity and innovation.

With a diverse team of 120 talented individuals, Stendahls is paving the way for a new era of work flexibility and collaboration. Feedback from both clients and employees has been overwhelmingly positive, signaling the agency’s readiness to embrace the future of remote work.

Our transition to a virtual-only workspace reflects our commitment to adaptability and forward-thinking,” said Henrik Segergren, the driving force behind Stendahls’ evolution. “With Apple Vision Pro, we’re not just keeping up with the times – we’re setting the pace for the industry.”

In a surprising twist, rumors have circulated that Stendahls’ virtual office may not just be a place for humans to collaborate. Some reports suggest that the integration of Apple Vision Pro has opened up unexpected channels of communication, leading to unprecedented interactions with AI entities. While the accuracy of these claims remains uncertain, they have certainly sparked curiosity and intrigue among industry observers.

As Stendahls marks its 70th anniversary, it invites partners, clients, and industry peers to join in celebrating this milestone and embracing the endless possibilities of virtual collaboration.

About Stendahls:
With a legacy of innovation spanning 70 years, Stendahls is a leading force in the creative industry. With a team of 120 dedicated professionals and a commitment to pushing boundaries, Stendahls continues to shape the future of creativity and tech.

Media contact:
Karin Engdahl - CMO, Stendahls - 076 133 60 31

Published 1. April 2024