The Artificial Cinema

As debates around AI’s role in the future of cinema heat up, Göteborg Film Festival explores what happens when it changes the history of film.

What happens to film when AI takes control?

In an AI-altered version of Ingmar Bergman’s critically acclaimed Persona, Liv Ullman’s face will be digitally replaced by Alma Pöysti’s to raise discussions about acting, masks and authenticity. The cinematic experiment is set for a one-time-only exclusive screening at the festival.


“In just a few months, the dialogue has shifted from ‘if’ AI will influence industries to ‘how’. With the Göteborg Film Festival’s history of exploring the unconventional, uncomfortable, and uncharted aspects of cinematic experiences, it felt thrilling to examine AI’s role in the history of film. The canvas being an Ingmar Bergman masterpiece makes this project even more exiting,” says Josefin Fridlund, Art Director at Stendahls.

Published 6. October 2023