Creating the Polestar app

Putting progress in the palm of your hand


When Polestar said “Goodbye normal” traditional ideas of car ownership became a thing of the past. Polestar wanted to show people the future – and let them hold it in their hands.


To do this, they needed a mobile solution that matched their ambition. A solution that connected drivers to their cars in a way that enhanced the entire Polestar experience.


But they also needed a partner with the right experience and expertise to help them deliver it. They chose Stendahls. And together, we created the Polestar app.


Selected highlights

The Polestar app enhances the Polestar experience by supporting drivers throughout their entire ownership – from helping them build and buy their perfect car to booking a service online and even controlling selected features remotely.

Here are some of the connected ownership services provided by the app that we are particularly proud of – and which Polestar drivers really appreciate.

Configure and buy – Customers can configure their perfect Polestar and buy it directly in the app

Control features remotely – Drivers can check battery status and range, lock and unlock their doors and control the in-car climate – all remotely and all via the app

Digital key – Instead of traditional keys and fobs, the app makes it possible for Polestar drivers to use their phone as a digital key.

Service Booking – Drivers can book, view and cancel workshop visits directly in the app. They can even leave notes for the workshop.

Content feed – Users can create their own unique profile containing their car specifications and a unique, personalized content feed.

Support and live chat – Using the app, owners can get support via live chat or phone support as well as useful tips and FAQs.

But we don’t just build. We test and measure – a lot! All the data we gather is fed directly to our UX team who use it to further optimise the Polestar app experience. And it works!



So far in 2021, 49,500 people have installed the Polestar app. This means we now have over 62,000 active users with a total of over 51,000 hours of engagement time spent exploring all the app has to offer.


The app also has an extremely impressive 30-day retention rate of 19% – well above the industry benchmark of 4.5% for lifestyle apps.


The numbers – in brief:

  • 49,500 installations in 2021
  • 62,000 active users
  • 1 million sessions per month
  • 51,000 hours of engagement time

What does the future hold?


Together with Polestar, we’re putting the finishing touches to a range of new ownership services. We’ve started rolling out the Service Booking feature globally and we’ve also now fully launched phone as Digital Key. This means every app user who ordered or owns a Polestar is already walking around with the key to their car in their pocket.


And just like their cars, the full potential of the Polestar app is ready to and waiting to be unlocked.



Delivering the complete Polestar experience


For this project, Stendahls delivered:

  • App concept
  • Content strategy
  • Service design and UX
  • Mobile app design
  • Mobile app development (iOS, Android)
  • Solution architecture
  • Backend development and integrations
  • Global roll-out
  • Dev ops & Optimization


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