Increasing customer satisfaction while boosting sales

With Göteborg Energi, our challenge was to not only increase sales of electricity, but also to reduce the load on customer support . A hand-picked team of specialists used real-world insights and a holistic, user-centric approach to do both in one go.


We started off with research and insights, mapped out the main customer journeys, created a series of service blueprints and identified external and internal “pain points.”  Since the energy market is indeed complex, one of these pain points related to the fact that customers have a hard time understanding which electricity deal would suit them the best. We also discovered that this particular issue generated a lot of customer support tickets.

(Case film in Swedish)


In a spin-off project we focused on eliminating issues by setting a clear goal: namely, that it should never take longer than one minute to choose and sign the right electricity contract.


With data analysis, user tests and lean UX, we tool the sign-up process from a complicated form with a lot of choices, to a simple guide. And by using the customer’s home address, we could identify the options that made their choice even easier. This way, we found that we could increase sales of something that everyone needs, but nobody wants to buy – electricity.


Since launch, the number of customer support tickets has decreased, customer satisfaction has increased, and online sales are up by 524%.


“We’re noticing a clear increase in customer satisfaction and sales as a result of the project”

– Andreas Wellinder, Göteborg Energi.


  • Customer and stakeholder interviews
  • Workshops
  • Data analysis
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Service blueprints
  • UX design
  • Front-end and back-end development
  • Dashboard & metrics
  • Continuous optimizing



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