New websites for Stena Metall group

Multiple companies and markets website – external communication as well as internal work interface.



Stena Metall needed new websites for their corporate group, consisting of several companies in multiple markets. They should present a unified Stena look and feel, give each company space for their content and communication, and be based on the same CMS to give equal functionality opportunities.


The public facing parts of the website are channels for external communication, lead generation and customer conversion. Here the focus was on presenting Stena as a brand, the various companies’ offerings, and as thought leaders in the circular economy.


The other side of the website - The CMS - is an internal interface and digital tool that has a direct impact on the editors’ workload and work satisfaction. The goal was to significantly improve the user experience as well as the process of content production and translation.

“It’s been a delight working on this exciting web project with Stendahls. Together, we delivered 16 new websites. Each hurdle we faced became a stepping stone, as we united to conquer obstacles with unwavering determination. The modern platform we've forged is the cornerstone for future development, promising boundless opportunities to elevate our online presence.”

– Moa Närström, Product Owner Web, Global Brand and Marketing



Stendahls supported Stena through the whole chain of this project; from strategy and research to UX and digital design, to development and CMS customisation, to content strategy and creation and eventually a global roll-out to 7 markets, with continuous support throughout.

The web editors are the expert users of the web (through the CMS) and alignment of their needs and wishes was identified as a key success factor. The markets’ communication teams and editors have been continuously involved through information gathering workshops and feedback sessions. The editor efficiency and user experience has been part of the impact goals and central to the process. Streamlining content production, translation and publication has been an important factor in the prioritization and decision making process. 



The new websites implement a modern and conversion-centric design that prioritise dedicated areas for compelling call-to-action elements, eliminates unnecessary clutter and adopts a spacious, airy layout. With increased focus on accessibility and readability, we give information the space necessary for effective communication. With the new website platform, we have taken the opportunity to streamline the work with integrated content and create better conditions so that the same information does not have to be updated in multiple places. Also keeping the same quality of user experience through out all content, integrated or not, on the website.

Tech wise the new website is a substantial improvement, upgrading to Optimizely CMS 12 with the advantages of .NetCore with improved performance and a new updated editor experience.

Leveraging the new upgraded Content Management System (CMS), it was possible for us to develop a site with a primary emphasis on crafting an efficient editor experience that incorporates a well-defined structure, purpose-driven components, and clear guidelines for their utilization.



With a modern technical platform, clear website structure, and a responsive and clutter free design, we have created websites with great SEO and technical performance.

The editor efficiency and experience has significantly improved. The time saved with the new CMS is at least 40 minutes per news article and 45 minutes per content page. Even more in those cases the page should be translated into several languages.


“Thanks to Stendahls, our CMS has significantly improved. Their innovative solutions have made managing our content easier and more flexible. With their help, we've gained better customization options, smoother content management, and improved scalability. Stendahls has truly transformed our CMS into a highly efficient platform!”

– Anna Envall, Graphic Designer

For the project, Stendahls delivered:

  • Stakeholder & user research
  • Effect map & baseline measurement
  • Website concept & design
  • Information architecture
  • Design system in figma & storybook
  • Solution architecture
  • Frontend develoment & integrations
  • Backend development & integrations
  • Content strategy
  • Content delivery
  • Global roll-out


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